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Friday 28 August 2009

Friday Finds-City of Fallen Angels

Well if you know how to read, you probably already know about this. But I just had to say it myself. Cassandra Clare... no, sorry... The Great Cassandra Clare- see, that's more like it- is writing ANOTHER Mortal Instruments book. But! This one is all about SIMON.

City of Fallen Angels will publish in hardcover in March 2011, followed by a paperback edition in July 2012.

Love, blood, betrayal and revenge — the stakes are higher than ever in City of Fallen Angels. Simon Lewis is having some trouble adjusting to his new life as a vampire, especially now that he hardly sees his best friend Clary, who is caught up in training to be a Shadowhunter—and spending time with her new boyfriend Jace. Not to mention that Simon doesn't quite know how to handle the pressure of not-quite-dating two girls at once. What's a daylight-loving vampire to do? Simon decides he needs a break and heads out of the city—only to discover that sinister events are following him. Realizing that the war they thought they'd won might not yet be over, Simon has to call on his Shadowhunter friends to save the day — if they can put their own splintering relationships on hold long enough to rise to the challenge.

Sadly, there is no cover yet. Cassandra also has another series coming out, she has a lot of work in her hands...

Book One: The Clockwork Angel, Simon and Schuster, 2010
Book Two: The Clockwork Prince, Simon and Schuster, 2011
Book Three: The Clockwork Princess, Simon and Schuster, 2012

The Infernal Devices will be also be published in the UK and Australia by Walker Books, and in Germany by Arena Verlag, starting in 2010.

I also have an announcement from Cassandra's blog:

"And the one everyone's been waiting for . . . A lot of you already have intimations of this announcement, given that it was mentioned in Variety and other news outlets — but I wanted to wait until all the contracts were signed and the ink was dry before I said anything. So: the film rights to The Mortal Instruments have been optioned by Unique Features. This is a film production company set up by former founders and co-presidents of New Line Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, who oversaw the production of the Lord of the Rings movies — probably my favorite fantasy movies of all time. They're very dedicated to fantasy and they understand it, and I definitely trust them with the story of the Mortal Instruments.

Now, a book series being optioned doesn't mean a film is being made right now or is definitely going to be made at all — it means that the studio or production company in question is developing the books as a film project — right now they've nailed down financing and a screenwriter (I don't know who that is yet) and are working towards the next stages in the development project. It is, however, an important step in the movie-making process, so I feel like it's okay to be excited about it. :) "

This is epic, and A-mazing. Well, I want know know what you think so, get on with it!


  1. OH. MY. GOD.

    this just made my day. I LOVE YOU TASCHIMA! xD

  2. I got the layout from Laina last night but didn't put it up until this...afternoon? It's only been up for a few hours. BUT I LOVE IT! :)

    Holy crap, I can't believe the mortal instrument series is being made into a movie! SO MANY GOOD MOVIES TO LOOK FORWARD TO! :D

  3. This is fantastic news! I am SO EXCITED about the fourth book, and the movie. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I still haven't read the first book yet. *sighs* I really need to.

    ~Briana :D

  5. How awesome is this?!

    (Er, *very*, in case that wasn't clear.)

    I can't wait!

  6. I was still kind of on the fence about Cassandra Clare's books because I've heard mixed reviews but I can tell from the reaction of you guys that I should definitely give it a go and see for myself.

  7. I still need to read City of Glass, but I'm still very excited about this! Not excited about the movie...they won;t be able to do it right....


  8. Ah That is so cool! I hope it does get made into a movie and doesn't blow lol Thanks for sharing =)

  9. I squealed out load when I got the email from her Google group. I can't wait for it! City of Fallen Angels in going to be AWESOME!!!! :)

  10. I'm soooooo EXCITED! I have know since she told about it on Google and I still squeal occasionally from the excitement!


    YAY! CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!

  12. Also you have an award from me http://casey62588.blogspot.com/2009/08/awards.html

  13. OMG I am SO excited!! Thanks for sharing the news!!

    xox Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

  14. :O
    I've heard about this series! But I've still got to read it! Oh still, I'm so excited!!!

  15. Great post! I've actually been raving about City of Fallen Angels. x) Can't wait!!

  16. Im really ecited about the new series though we still have to waite a couple of months

    Good thing that the realise date are only a year a part



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