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Sunday 16 August 2009

25 Random Things About Moi

I first saw this at Bree Despain's blog. Thanks to this post I won a copy of Wings!

This is a very fun way for you to get to know a little bit more about me. And well to whoever wants to do this in their blog, please be my guest!

1. I am watching American's Best Dance Crew right now. I wish I could dance, but I was born with 2 left feet so, I have no chance!

2. Although I don't have a dancing talent -one which my sister has, and is very good at- I have an art talent! I dare say i draw very well. Anime is my strong point, but I really want to learn how to draw real people. Need Proof?

That's Chii from Chobits. An anime character I looove to draw because she is the cutest one there is.

3. I hate talking on the phone. Its just, so, BORING. I prefer texting. That way you don't get the awkward silences that make you want to die, or just hang up.

4. I don't have a favorite sweet. My preferences change every month, if not every week. One month i can want Oreos, next month Ill loove Toblerone. I'm like a pregnant lady, except for the fetus, the belly, and everything that comes with it.

5. My very first time writing an essay was last year, and I'm a senior now. Puerto Rican teachers suck. When i told Briana this, Briana from B.A.M. Book Reviews, she fell into a state of shock. Very close to a coma. But yeah, and I got to say essays are a piece of cake. I love doing them, but hate poetry. UGH I have this huge HW concerning poetry, that now I just can't hear the word poetry and not shrug, or shiver.

And well that's that for today. Wait for 4 more posts like this. Hope I didn't bore you guys to death!

Shout out to Faye at Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm!!! She nominated me for the Zombie Chicken award, and for the Butterfly Award!! I will not repeat the nominees from Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm, though they all deserve the award a thousand times more.


This is difficult, I love so many blogs!! Ok, Ill nominate 7!

1. Briana at The Book Pixie
2. The Penguin at Pirate Penguin's Reads
6. Shayla at The Book Explorer
7. Erica at The Book Cellar

Yay! I'm sorry I couldn't nominate every single one of you guys, you all deserve it!


  1. Yea I got the rest of the house of night series they were so cheap I just had to haha!

  2. Beowulf is pretty good actually. I had to read it for school, too. You have awesome taste in music.


  3. You're so great at drawing! I can kind of do it... but I tend to doodle, not actually hard-core draw. Also a manga/anime drawer. I try to do real people, sometimes it works, mostly they end up looking like freaky dolls. :P Fun facts!

    - Alex

  4. You're right - you DO draw very well. I"m impressed.

  5. Haha. I still can't believe you just wrote your first essay. I really liked Beowulf in school! I hope you do too!


  6. That drawing is great -- I totally knew that was Chii from Chobits before you even said it! Ha! It must have been the ears...

  7. ANIME!! I used to be so addicted to that and manga xD dabbled in drawing as well! :D Love the pic!

  8. I luv chobits. I said i was being lazy & not reading but really i was, i was reading chobits vol 2-4 and Vampire knight.

    ur drawing is awesome! I can draw 2, but my sister is better. I can't draw things from my mind(if that makes sense) i mean i can look at a manga pic and draw it. i try'd 2 draw real people but i just looked really weird.

    i start skool next week, senior YAY! but being in skool sucks! I'm thinking about going carpooling w/ some friends on the 1st day and mayb go 2 Worlds OF Fun... but idk.

  9. Nice drawing. I wish I could draw like that. Unfortunately, I can only draw stick figures.

  10. That was so cute Taschima! America's Best Dance Crew sucks this year, I like maybe two groups, one is from the Bronx, NY but I don't remember one. Anywho, love your art, you're very talented love....can u draw a picture of me? hehe. You're funny though and you didn't bore us! =]


  11. I love America's Best Dance Crew...I only wish I can dance like that (I can't keep a beat for the life of me)...LOL

  12. Wowza, girl! That anime was a-mazing! I'm seriously in awe. And also a little jealous.

  13. Aww girl, thanks for the award!! I've never received this one before! <3 You, my dear, are fantastic!! And I Loooove your art!

  14. Wow we have a lot in common. Including being artistic, not caring for poetry and having Bloody Blogs

  15. I didn't mind writing essays until college. In high school you only had to write essays every once in a while. In college I've written too many...

  16. oOo I love your drawing..my fav anime character has to be Van from Escaflowne. I love LOVE that show. And you're right talking on the phone is boring!

  17. I totally agree with number 3 - I'm a texter, not a talker. You're a really talented artist. :-)

    Congrats on the awards :-D


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