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Monday 31 August 2009

Interview with The Book Pixie

Hello peeps! I had a fun thing happen to me recently. Bri from The Book Pixie asked me if she could interview me, and I said yes O.O

We had some cucakes, and chocolate, and I answered all her questions. Though I was scared for a moment for my friend's mental health. It was a fun interview, and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would give it a look. Please? *Looks at you with puppy eyes*

If you decide to read it, click here.

Thank you!!


  1. Between the two of you, this should be an interesting interview. Gonna look now!

  2. Great interview lol I love how you think people should read multiple books before they die (I AGREE!) I was cracking up. Loved the Interview!

  3. It was an interesting interview. I like ditzy and full of energy replies.

  4. I loved your interview! It was hilarious. :)

  5. Haha! I'll check it out. x)

  6. LOL! Great interview! I must admit that I'm a little envious of those of you who know each other IRL :)

  7. Me and Bri don't know each other IRL. Just internet xD

    Still she is my Twin <3

  8. That's a really great interview, Taschima :-D Really interesting and fun. And you've made me want to check out the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.


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