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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Bloodlines Teaser Tuesday/Ive been Gone...

Ive been gone for far too long, and this is going to change! Thing is, BEA was crazy so no posting that week, and after BEA I didn't go home, I went to Puerto Rico for a bit more vacation time, and that if anything was even more crazy. I had so much freaking fun this past week and a half! I shall start on my BEA posts starting tomorrow, today I'm still trying to get back into my home routine. Even though soon enough I'm leaving again cause I'm going back to see my boyfriend at home since he graduates from boot camp this week! Damn straight!

So current mood: Ecstatic

I figure I should do TT today cause, I just got back from BEA. You know what that means? BLOODLINES BY RICHELLE MEAD IS IN MY POSSESSION! So here goes nothing guys, enjoy!
"The subtext was loud and clear. I wasn't free of my past, not yet. Horowitz paused and lifted the needle, allowing me the chance to speak. My mind raced. Some response was expected. I didn't want to sound too upset by the plan. I needed to restore my good name among the Alchemists and show my willingness to follow orders. That being said, I also didn't want to sound as though I were too comfortable with vampires or their half human counterparts, the dhampirs.  
 "Spending time with any of them is never fun," I said carefully, keeping my voice cool and haughty. "Doesn't matter how much you do it. But I'll do necessary to keep us -and everyone else- safe." I didn't need to explain that "everyone" meant humans."
Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, ARC copy. 
Okay I'll be back later guys, enjoy in the mean time.


  1. Great teaser! I can't wait to read this. Thanks so much for sharing a snippet with us :)

  2. Oh my frickin God...it's in FIRST PERSON!!! THANK YOU!!

  3. Ooh, thanks so much for sharing a teaser from this book!! :D

    Glad you had fun at BEA & Puerto Rico! That's quite a busy couple weeks,

  4. Soo lucky to go to BEA! And I can not wait to read this!

  5. Im so jealous, i want and need Bloodlines asap. to think I was in NY in may but not the week of BEA.

    I hope you enjoyed it!
    If you a book tour on this book count me in!!

    here's my teaser


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