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Saturday 24 July 2010

My Dream Vampire Academy Cast

As you all surely know Vampire Academy is rumored to be turned into a movie. I have been putting my dream cast together for the past few days (trust me it ain't easy, depends on acting, the looks... pretty much it) and I think I got a solid idea of who I want and why I want them.

Now this is a YA series so remember that the actors must look, well, young.

Let's start with...

Actor's Name: Tom Sturridge or...

(Got the Actor's Name Wrong, Thanks Jadebrag for the heads up!)

Acting as...

Name: Christian Ozera
Status: Moroi
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: Guy thin,
with a rather gloomy way, but it is very beautiful.

God I love Tom. Since Stephenie Meyer IGNORED me completely when I said Tom should have been Edward (not that she was listening in the first place lol) I think Tom has Cristian potential!!!! Who's with me!?!?!

And if not Tom well, Keegan looks pretty awesome!! And doesn't he look like Christian? He so does... I think I might even pick Keegan over Tom, oh the horror.

Name: Vasilisa Dragomir a.k.a. Lissa
Actress's Name: Kristen Prout
Status: Moroi
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Jade Green

Description: Lissa, a descendant from a long line of royal vampires, is a bit more fragile, and a lot more graceful and sophisticated. She also exudes a certain innocence, and charisma (part natural, part magical) that draws others to her. Lissa is described to be beautiful, with long, pale blonde hair and jade green eyes.

(Description from This Page and This Page)

Read the description of Lissa and then look at the picture of Kristen. Isn't that girl just perfect? And I have seen her act in Kyle XY, so I know she can pull off the good girl bit, and I am sure if she put her mind to it she can turn into a bit of a bad girl.

Name: Rose Hathaway
Actress's Name: Sophia Bush
Status: Dhampire
Hair Color: Dark Hair
Eye Color: Jade Green

Description: Rose has a nice curvy body, dark eyes, and C-cup boobage. lol She's pretty fit too since she does a lot of training with Dimitri. In VA she says that her skin is the color of the inside of an almond and her hair is so dark brown it's almost black. Rose Hathaway is a dhamphir, Known to have a bad temper, Violent, a Tease (*ahem ahem*), Envied by most girls at vampire academy, Hit-first-ask-questions-later attitude, known to defy authority, Practically an orphan since her mother left her in school the moment of her birth, best friend (and soon to be guardian) to princess Lissa.

(Description from Here and Here)

Lots of people are saying that she is too old for the part. And she may be, but she is just too perfect for the part of Rose! She is pretty, curvy, she can be a smart ass, and she can kick ass.

I LOVE HER FOR ROSE!!!!!!! I mean, there are lots of ways we can look past the age difference, there's technology and stuff right? She is a great actress!!

Name: Dimitri Belikov
Actor's Name: Ben Barnes
Status: Dhampire
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Description: "He was older than us, maybe mid-twenties, and as tall as I'd figured, probably six-six or six-seven. And under different circumstances- say, when he wasn't holding up our desperate escape- I would have thought he was hot. Shoulder-length brown hair, tied back in a short ponytail. Dark brown eyes."
-Vampire Academy pg. 9

At first I was a little wary of picking him, but that was before I saw his smile...

Isn't that just a gorgeous slap in the face? I could watch him smile for days, or you know about 2 hours of movie time. If he lets his beard grow a bit, grows his hair some more to where his able to make a ponytail, and puts on a little muscle weight, he would make a dreamy Belikov.


  1. I always love when people cast Ben Barnes as Dimitri I love him for the role, and your cast is pretty sweet. I can't wait find out who will be in the movie.

  2. I haven't been able to read this series yet but I love your cast choices! When I do start reading I might even picture them as the characters.

  3. Oh, yeah! These are very good choices! I always matched Christian to Tom Sturridge since I first read VA. He's amazing! <3

  4. I'm soooooo glad I'm reading the Vampire Academy series (ehh I'm only on book 2 since I started recently)!!! I can't wait for the movie, heheheh.

    These characters are honestly how I pictured they would be. Well, very, very very similar. Lissa = fragile, Christian = hot, Rose = FIERCE!!, Dimitri = sexy. SEE?! Anyway, nice choices! I'm actually ecstatic right now ;)

  5. Sophia is actually kind of perfect. What about Adrian?

  6. Hmmmm... some really great choices that I might not have originally thought about before but I'm now wouldn't mind considering... :)

  7. I love Sophia Bush as Rose--Im sure they'll cast someone else, but if she has that look it'll be awesome. Nice Lissa pick!

  8. Fantastic picks I think I might pick Keegan over Tom though. and what about Adrian????? He is like totally important too :P I picked my Adrian as Gaspard Ulliel, what do you think? otherwise great choices !

  9. I've not read the books YET, but I see pictures of Nicholas Hoult up there and that makes me *drool*

  10. Perfect Dimitri is perfect ♥

    Sophia has the sassy attitude to match Rose, but she'll be too old to play Rose in a few years, when they start shooting. So. No Sophia. At least not for me.

    My options are:
    -Nina Dobrev. She can pull it off. She can be bad ass and sassy and fun! She's gorgeous too!
    -Mila Kunis (think The Book of Eli).
    -Leighton Meester (bitchy, always gets what she wants, a tease!) -Megan Fox (not that i like her, hate her actually. but i think she can be Rose).

  11. I pick Tom for Christian all the way. That sexy pouty bottom lip. Why don't guys like that go to our high schools and stuff. They only exist in Hollywood and dreams! Good Golly he's gorgeous. I like all of your picks.

    I hated the picks for Twilight. I always pictured Justin Timberlake as Edward, though he was way too old and Bella, don't get me started!


  12. Now that I saw your list, Dimitri and Vasilia are perfect! I agree with your Rose, though she, like you said, might be a bit to old for the part.

  13. Perfect choice in casting. Especially Dimitri and Christian!!! Sigh! They are soooo yummmy!!

  14. I think Missy Peregrym from the movie stick it would be perfect for the role of Rose Hathaway.

  15. Ben Barnes looks a bit like i imagined kalona in the house of night series ... and GREAT CHOICES !

  16. I agree with everyone except Dimitri - he's go to be more buff I think.

  17. How about Tom Welling from Smallville to play Dimitri?? He's kinda buff, tall, and has dark hair?
    Although I do love Channing Tatum, wandering what he would look like with long dark hair.......hmmm?

  18. @Xstalz I loves me some Tom Welling, but he has such a tight hold on the role of superman it would be kind of weird. And he is too pretty and not so rough.

  19. Oh, Ben Barnes is *perfect*! I can totally see him as Dimitri. I think Sofia Bush would be an awesome Rose. And I think Lissa is perfect too, especially with Keegan Allen as Christian. Love the cast! But who will play Adrian later on..? Brilliant cast!

  20. Ben Barnes is the absolute perfect choice for Dimitri this is going to be an awesome with this cast cause they all fit the books description

  21. Ben Barnes IS Dimitri..he just is..even wen i read it..he's exactly how i pictured him to be..so so HOT..those eyes..that hair..and that smile..i'm sold! :D

  22. hey... i love all the casts think they awesome! but just want to say that although the girl acting as Rose is pretty i think that she will not make a good character for Rose! i think u should consider Elena from vampire diaries or Aria from pretty little liars. Thanks :)

  23. Ben Barnes is the perfect Dimitri! I totally made the best face when I saw that!


  25. what about camilla belle to play Rose????

  26. ERIC BALFOUR- Dimitri

  27. your pick for dimitri is the closest to how he's described in the book. and let me just say that he is fine!!1

  28. Love Dimitri!!! perfect smile

  29. Awesome idea to come up with your own dream cast of VA. When I found out there were talks about a VA movie, I about died! I love the series and it couldn't get any better than seeing the series I love come to life on the bog screen. I just hope no one compares it to Twilight...it's nothing like it!

  30. *swoon* what an accurate cast!<3

  31. Great choice, couldn't agree more. What about Mia and Mason?

  32. badass series!!!!
    No doubt its going to make a fantastice movie:)
    im bearly halfway through book three but you movie choices are exactly how i pictured the character:) im so into these books... im dying for the next already!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I love your choices for them! Especially Dimitri and Rose <3



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