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Friday 23 July 2010

Great Opportunity with CSN

By now most of you must know about CSN stores. They are this cool place who sell just about anything!!!! Like Bookshelves, a beautiful coffee maker (something everybody tells me it's absolutely necessary for college jeje), lamps, beds, bookshelves*...

Soo imagine how happy I was when they contacted me about reviewing one of their products! And even though they have beautiful bookshelves, I am going to review a DVDs and Blu-Rays Media Rack. The other love of my life are T.V. Shows, and I really need a new, well, media rack for all my Series. And besides, I already have 3 bookshelves.

Who knows, I may even do a giveaway *wink wink*, only maybe though I still don't know xD But if do I will let you guys know ASAP.

Reasons I picked this piece:
  • First off I looked at Dimensions. I have a fair amount of dvds so I thought that this piece with it's measurements of 41" H x 21.5" W x 10" D could certainly do the job.
  • Aesthetics, A.K.A. isn't it pwetty?! I think it is, and it would go great with my bookshelves.
  • If you look closer it has this little things on the sides that keep the dvds from falling, that deserves some serious brownie points.
  • I also like the little tubes on the back that keep the dvds from falling on their backsides. Support= brownie points.
  • And five, it has 5 shelves lol
If you want to look at it closer Click Here and it takes you to the page where it lies waiting for you to buy it.

Now let's see if my wishes come true and this piece lives up to my expectations, I have real high hopes for it =D

What do you think? Yay, or Nay?

*I know I repeated the word, they are just so wonderful!


  1. I'd strongly recommend getting a different piece.

    I had a shelf JUST like that one and put my daughter's DVDs on it. Those little "ends" do not hold things in place and one little nudge or bump of the shelf sends everything falling over and out the back of the shelf because there's no back and the shelves are on a slant which just helps them fall off even better straight to the floor.

    And Lord forbid if you remove something and don't move the "end" over cause that'll guarantee things will fall out the back and if it's the top shelf it's a damn domino effect to the rest of the shelves below. :)

    Backless shelves are not something I'd ever buy again.

  2. Well, let's see what happens, I think I'm still gonna give it a try though =]

  3. Good luck! Maybe if you don't have a young child running around this shelf will work for you! :)

    I'd be interested in seeing a review after a few days or weeks of using this shelf (as in removing and adding media).


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