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Tuesday 13 July 2010

Vote. Cover. Water Wars.

Calling all bloggers, readers, and people with interest in making a difference!

Recently Teen Fire, an Sourcebooks online community, send out an email to it's members about helping out to pick a cover for Water Wars. I think this is a great idea! It includes all of us, out voices are going to be heard in a cover selection.

Think about it, if your choice cover gets picked any time you see it on the shelves of Borders or Barnes and Noble or anywhere where they sell it you will think, yeap, I helped pick that bad boy.

Here is the original message:

"So, we need serious help picking out a cover! Here at Sourcebooks it's turned into the Water Wars cover wars, so we need some unbiased feedback!

To vote, simply go to the "Help Us Pick the New Water Wars Cover" page and three random participants will win advanced copies of this Jan. 2011 book!

We'd love to have as much feedback as possible, so if you reach out to your twitter followers for their opinions, please use the #H20Wars hashtag (you can also use this shortened URL http://bit.ly/ckmwEM).

I think I explained myself pretty well, so without further ado, here are the covers:

#1- #2




There are a lot of choices, so choose wisely.

My picks...

I think the ones with the most presence are numbers 1 and 2. The first one is good because it can be chosen by either girl or boy but still is a good eye catching cover (my boyfriend saw the covers and automatically said the first one, see my point? xD).

The second one though is amazing. The model, the drops of water, the water that forms a kind of mask in the person's face... But then again this one is most likely going to be picked by a girl reader, I say most likely because well, you never know. I also like the font on the second one, but maybe put the wars on the bottom of water? Because it messes with your eyes a bit, and some people may not like that. But I think the font can work either way.

#'s 4, 6 and 7 are good too, but #'s 3 and 5, for me, are just boring, covers I wouldn't pick in a hundred years.

Remember if you want to vote you have to CLICK HERE. Leaving a comment in this post won't count, though it would be appreciated :P


  1. even though 2 & 4 are somewhat similar they are the ones that stand out for me and i would go for them :)

  2. I agree with your comments - I like #2 the best - beautiful :)

  3. Before reading your opinion, I was thinking that I quite like them all, with the exceptions of 1 and 5, which I would actually never pick up if i saw. I also don't really like 2.
    I think I maybe like 4 and 7 best. I'm totally going to go vote! :-)

  4. Actually #6 is one of my favourites xD it goes well with the title you know having war in there hehe. I have no idea what the story is about but if its dystopian or post-apocalyptic then #6 and #1 do it well but I prefer #6.

    I like #2 its very eye catching from the image to the font to the overall colours but I agree WARS may have been better positioned below WATER. #2 makes me think scifi or fantasy ^_^.

    #3 and 5 I don't like at all and with #7 I don't like having text covering faces.

  5. OO book of the month is Infinite Days. I thought it was really good


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