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Tuesday 6 July 2010


I was thinking about this just a minute ago and I think I'm going to try it. ARQ's are Advance Reading Quotes; quotes from an advance reading copy.

I was just looking at the ARC copies I possess and well I thought that you guys might like to read a quote or two about the book before buying them. Deep your toes into the pool before jumping in as it were.

The quotes have to be from an ARC copy and I will be doing this post one day per week. Maybe Saturdays, I don't know, quite possibly...

Well, hope you enjoy them!

"The longer I studied him, the more convinced I became that that little fan club of his was meant to be more ironic than real. And when I took his dork shoes and weird, dark suit with the white shirt and skinny black tie that made him look like he was either on his way to a nerd convention or a job interview with the CIA, I was sure.
And all I could think as he stood there before me was.
Great! My first day of middle school, and I'm left with Monsieur Dorky Guy.
And a dead dork at that.
Pretty much my biggest nightmare come true."

James' POV

"He leaned out, grabbed her by the upper arms, and hauled her bodily into the carriage, steps and propriety and authenticity be damned. Tense with surprise, she was light, and yet his own weakness startled him. A year ago, he'd not have thought twice about the effort; today, he required all his diminished strength to lift her. Nevertheless, he managed to plop her beside him on the bench with only a small thump, and by the time she stopped sputtering and giggling, they were away. "Phew. You reek of ale."
"I thought you liked ale."
"I do." He said before he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her soundly on the lips. She made a small sound of surprise and her hands came up, as if to push him away. Instead, they settled on his chest and relaxed there, and she returned his kiss with sweet enthusiasm. Beneath the malty ale she tasted delicious, familiar. But it was better than last time, infinitely so, and what he'd intended as a single embrace unraveled into a long string of kisses.
Kisses that threatened to blot out the world."

Mary's POV

"For one incredulous minute, Mary thought she might be dreaming. Or perhaps it was a nightmare. The idea of Winnie's Sunday dinner - a Chinese family, a Chinese meal- made her stomach twist with a complex stab of fear, resentment, inadequacy, jealousy.
Stupid Winnie, who invited strange boys to her family's home.
Hateful Winnie, who had a family to go home to.
Smug Winnie, who thought her family so superior.
Lucky Winnie, who had a family at all.
Mary looked at the girl's pink face, her hopeful, timid eyes. And the knowledge of what Winnie had in Poplar- a mother who was a wonderful cook, a father who'd come home from sea- made Mary go cold and numb."

I read both books by now (though I will not be posting reviews till the day they come out) and I would recommend both of them. Radiance revives some of the magic that The Immortal Series lost. Riley is a joy to read, she is kind of a crazy child! And The Agency: The Body at the Tower continues the legacy of its previous installment while being unique on its own and completely enjoyable; I think I like this one even better than it's first book!

If you want to leave a comment with your on ARQs, either in a link or written out, be free to do so!

Inspired by Teaser Tuesday, hosted at Should Be Reading.
ARQs was created by Taschima and hosted at Bloody Bookaholic. If you wish to use this idea you may, just give credit were credit is due please.


  1. Taschima, thanks for the ARQs. Just curious, how does one obtain an ARC?

  2. Thanks for The Body at the Tower teaser. I can’t wait to read that one. The first was fantastic!

  3. @Beth Hmm, it really depends on authors and publishers really. If you feel like your blog can give good promotion to the book you could approach an author and talk to them about your blog and how their book and your blog make a match and how you would like to review their book. Its a 50/50 chance. Good luck!

  4. @Christie I know! The first one was soo goood!!! And the second one will NOT disappoint!!


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