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Monday 26 July 2010

The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller

Title: The Eternal Ones
Author: Kristen Miller
Series: Hopefully!Pages: 411
Publisher: RazorBill
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publish Date: August 10, 2010.
Rating: !!
Cover Rating:

Growing up in a small Tennessee mountain town is hard, but it’s even more difficult when you’re Haven Moore, she of the broken family and mysterious visions. For as long as she can remember, Haven has had visions of herself in another life, as a woman named Constance, who loved a man named Ethan. Constance’s pull spurs Haven to go to New York City, where she is drawn to the famous playboy, Iain Morrow, and their ominous connection to the mysterious Ouroboros Society.

Suddenly Haven is living a luxurious life she’s never even dreamed of, alongside a boy whose connection to her she can’t explain. But it seems like Iain is keeping secrets from her. What is his connection to the Ouroboros Society? What does the Society really do? Is Iain really Ethan? And if he’s not…then who is he?


Constance was in Love with Ethan.

That is the only thing Haven is sure about since she had the ability to remember. She has always had this visions about a girl named Constance, and this boy named Ethan, and all she knows about them for certain is that they were in love and they both died. These visions sure bring her great pleasure, but they also bring great pains. Her grandmother thinks Haven is being possessed by a demon, as a matter of fact the whole town thinks she's possessed. But Haven knows differently, and she is determined to find out what these visions mean, before it's too late.

This book is AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!

Now that I got THAT out of my chest I can proceed to write some more.

I just can't put my finger in what exactly captivated me, perhaps it was the characters, the plot, one of the love stories, or the spellbinding way Kristen writes. Since the beginning this book captures your attention. Haven's visions give you a sharp contrast between the past and the present, but at the same time the two realities seem similar in some ways. As you read you won't get confused with whats past and present, which is good because on some books you can get completely lost.

This book is so good that I could be on page 50 at one point but look down a bit later and realize I am in page 143, the pages go by you and you don't even notice. The characters for me were as alive as you and me and displayed emotions as good as any living being. Haven's love and confusion and her determination to get to the bottom of things made me love her, and Ian is just a mystery character all book long. Some people might find the way Haven is confused a bit annoying, but I think that love can be confusing and terrifying at times, not knowing if the person you love is a killer can play with your mind. Plus we are in the 21st century, we can't trust people easily. Oh and Haven's best friend was a fresh twist, I love him!

On the romance department im in and out. I love the romance between Constance and Ethan, but am not as much a fan with Haven and Ian. Though gotta say that the first time they met it made the butterflies I sometimes have in my stomach dance and I had to read the pages again. Also, just a heads up, there is some sexual content in the book, but it won't bother much since it's YA and we don't really READ of the scenes, we kind of know whats coming and what happened.

I can honestly say the book kept me guessing as to what was going on. Never boring, never slow going, if the town people weren't hating on Haven one minute or the other Haven was already in NY getting into trouble. The mystery of the novel is tangible. The story is about reincarnation but that is not the only plot line, Haven is both discovering secrets of her past and present, killings that have gone without punishment, people that have gone missing, and lovers who might not be what you believe.

AGH! Read it!! The Eternal Ones is without a doubt one of the best books of 2010, don't let the simple cover fool you, this book is full of wonder.

PS; After you read the book the cover will grow on you a bit ;)


  1. Ohhh sounds so good! Will be reading this one soon. :)

  2. Literally JUST got this one in the mail before reading this post. So excited for it!!!!

  3. CANT WAIT to read this!!!!! :D Great review!!

  4. This one is heading my way in a few days and I'm pretty excited about it - especially after such an awesome review.

  5. I loved this book, as well. The romance was spot on!!! I'm glad you mentioned the simple cover. It definitely needs repackaging! It would be a shame for someone to miss out on this title because the of the cover!

    ~Brooke, Brooke's Box of Books

  6. Great review! I really want to read this one. It's been getting good reviews from just about everyone.

  7. WOW you made it sounds so amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on it now!!! THANKS!

  8. Sounds fascinating. Thanks for the good review, it really made me want to grab a copy and start reading :)

  9. I keep looking at this book in the store, but I never have the money to splurge on a new hardback. So sad. It sounds really good though. :)

  10. mmm, everyone keeps saying that about the cover. I don't know, I just LIKE simplistic covers! the simple red and snakes eating tails makes sure that it's different, original, and in NO WAY will it ever be in danger of being cheesy!
    But Like I said, I just have simplistic taste. I know that lots of people disagree with me! ^_^

  11. Wow, a book about reincarnation I haven't read anything like that really. It sounds amazing!Thanks for the review.

  12. This is a book I've been wanting for sometime. Now all I want to do is get it into my hands.
    Thanks for the review.

  13. Wow! Now I'm going to go on a rampage to read this book. Thanks so much for the review. This book sounds spellbinding!

  14. I don't read them too often but I love stories that address reincarnation. This does sound awesome!

  15. mmmm I was looking at the cover and thinking 'ohhhh should I read it the cover just doesn't look THAT appealing but jeez Ia sucker for romance and you have written so mouch about good it is I think I'm going to have to read it! (I that girls who is easily persuaded and is constantly buying those appliances from home shopping channels)I wonder why I'm always broke...;P

  16. Honestly, if it wasn't the cover, I think it might be on top of my wish list, but the cover is so boring. LOL
    But otherwise, this sounds great indeed. I've seen a lot of positive reviews about this!

  17. Totally would not have paid too much attention to this book with such a simple cover - but since you mentioned butterflies-in-the-stomach romance, I am more than curious!

    Another one to add to my reading list :)

  18. great review, i really want to read the book now!(:

  19. Like I said, regarding only the cover I wouldn't choose this book. I always need covers that are kinda mysterious, that hook me right away, but also give a little bit of the story away. But, come to think about it, it kinda looks like the eternal sign, also called "lying 8" in Germany. Hope you know what I mean. :D

    Maybe this book will have some deeper explanations to déjà vus and forebodings than science has, because I hate science.

    If I had the money for it, I would immediately buy it, but since I'm gonna move out in a month, I'm pretty broke right now. ^^

    Great reviews btw. :)

  20. what a great review it sounds so good heard great things about it. I can not wait to read it!

  21. I love a good reincarnation mystery but why is it always the problematic lovers who return to you from a past life?

  22. I was lucky enough to read an arc of this 2 days ago. I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't put it down. The only thing that bugged me was how haven was so back and forth most of the time. I wish she was more strong-minded. Other than that it's one of the best I've read lately!

  23. I've been waiting forever for this book! Amazing review. 5 stars! So my wait has not been in vain, that's good to know! :P

  24. The book sounds intriguing. I love the kind of story that causes you to lose track of time while you're reading. Will be adding to my must-read list.

  25. OMG. Your review makes the books sound amazing and so captivating. I haven't even read the book and I'm already drawn in by the story. Yay double romance and a mysterious man, who doesn't love that. And yes love can be confusing! I can't wait to read this book.


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