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Thursday 8 July 2010

New Books!!

For Review:

Publication Date: September 07, 2010.
(Re publication with new cover)
By: Lindsey Kelk

When Angela catches her boyfriend with another woman at her best friend′s wedding she′s heartbroken and desperate to run away. Especially once she′s confronted her friend and inadvertently broken the groom′s hand, in front of the entire reception.

There′s only one place that will cheer her up.

New York.

Join Angela as she lands down in the big apple, holes up in a luxurious hotel, gets a head to toe makeover and meets a gorgeous man in Starbucks.

I HEART NEW YORK is a fabulous, feel-good romantic comedy, guaranteed to be the biggest summer read and the launch of a huge new talent.

Publication Date: September 28, 2010.
By: Janet Mullany
URL: Excerpt

It’s more than her wit that’s biting…

1797, England. After a fateful encounter at a provincial assembly, Jane Austen becomes one of the Damned, the beautiful, ruthless fashionable vampires of Georgian England. The waters of Bath are the only known cure. But when the French invade, Jane finds that being Damned, fanged, and dangerous to know has its advantages in the battle that turns the city into a blood bath. But when England is saved, Jane must make a choice. Love and immortality? Or writing and everything else she holds dear in her mortal life?

I was thrilled to be invited to write an Austen-paranormal mashup for HarperCollins and came up with the wildest idea I could. I was excited but also scared. This was Jane Austen, the Jane Austen I was writing about, going around biting people and generally behaving, well, like a vampire.

But if you’ve ever wondered why Jane Austen knew so much about sexual attraction, and why she could invent characters like the Crawfords or Willoughby or Wickham, people who exploit and feed off others, it’s obvious that Jane knew a great deal about vampires as well as the ways of the human heart.

Publication Date: October 05, 2010.
By: Kathleen Tessaro

Cate, an exile from New York, is sent to help value the contents of a once-grand Georgian house on the southwest coast of England. Cataloguing its contents with Jack -- a man with his own dark past -- she comes across a hidden shoebox containing an exquisite pair of dancing shoes, along with a mysterious collection of objects from the 1930s: a photograph, a dance card and a Tiffany bracelet.

Returning to London rather than face the questions lingering in her own life, Cate immerses herself in piecing together the clues contained in the box. In doing so, she uncovers the story of Irene Blythe and her sister Diana, known as "Baby" -- two of the most famous debutantes of their generation.

The tale that unfolds is one of addictive love, and it leads Cate to address secrets of her own. Can the dark events of Baby Blythe’s past change Cate's own ability to live and love again?

Publication Date: September 07, 2010.
By: Kathryn Johnson

A novel of
love, danger, and
“The Tempest”

Many scholars believe one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays, The Tempest, was inspired by a shipwreck and true tale of survival that captured the imagination of 17th-century London. But what if the greatest playwright of all time didn’t simply read about the wreck of the Sea Venture off the Bermuda coast? What if Will was on board, fleeing powerful enemies, daring one last great adventure near the troubled end of his career?

Elizabeth Persons’ blinding headaches are an ominous sign, one she knows well as a warning of danger. The young servant girl is one of 150 passengers who survive a terrifying hurricane then struggle ashore in the Bermudas, rumored home to evil spirits. Despairing of rescue, Elizabeth and the others make their home on the uninhabited island for nine long months while they build a new ship to complete their voyage to Jamestown, Virginia. While there, love blossoms between Elizabeth and the young ship’s cook, and she befriends a mysterious old man.

Kathryn Johnson’s dramatic and compelling story, The Gentleman Poet is a page-turning read that will hold her audience to the very end. This mesmerizing novel is also a celebration of good food, glorious words, and the power of love, while bringing readers an intriguing glimpse of arguably the most famous writer of all time.


  1. Everything sounds AWESOME.

    Thanks for your comment-I miss them! You should stop by my site more ;) And I'm definetely going to read Soulless along with The Agency (although I thought that was YA too?) and you know I read/loved the first Sookie book... I also won Deadtown so I'll get on that too :)

    Megan Hart? I'm not sure if I'm ready to go THERE but.. well, maybe one day, lol.

  2. Ohhh, I heart new york looks SO cute! Definitely going to have to check that book out!

  3. Wow, have to say the first two novels are looking good!


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