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Thursday 29 October 2009

US VS UK, Round Four...

Another round of US VS UK! This is the fourth, if I'm not mistaken. If you want to see the other rounds, just click on the number and it will take you to the post: one, two, or three. I found some good ones so, pay attention and give the verdict!


I gotta give this round to the US. I like everything about the cover of the US, UK not so much. The US cover let's you know a little of what's going, or whats going to happen in the novel, while the UK one only has some sexy girl in the front. I don't even like the font of the UK. So sorry, but US it is!


While the cover of the UK is very cool and vampire like, I can't help but smile every time I see one of the drawings on the cover of a Charlaine Harris book. So this one, for me, is a US win. Every time I know one of Charlaine's books are coming out I can't wait to see the drawing in the front. It shows character. The UK cover seems too, generic. In fact, the woman in the cover could as well be Eric's vampire friend Pam.


Do I even have to say it? Or can you guys guess by now? US win. The UK cover lacks imagination. And the US cover has the drawing. And the drawing for me always wins.

So, the US kicked arse today. 3 out of 3.
Something bless America.

PS; No school tomorrow, freaking SWEET!


  1. US totally beat Canada all the way! But it's raring up for round 5...

    yay for no school tomorrow! I only have one class so that's ALMOST as good xD

  2. I like US for the first one but Uk for the last two..
    you are so lucky for no school tomorrow!

  3. US to all three. I love the original Sookie Stackhouse cover art!

  4. US cover for Tempted
    I can't decide on From Dead Too Worse...I agree that the UK cover is pretty generic but I like it anyhow, but I too like all the Sookie cartoons..
    & US for A Touch of Dead

  5. It's really annoying - I've got the first 5 Sookie books with the original, 'fun' covers, but because the bookshop ordered in book 6 for me, it's got the true-blood-ified cover (pale girl with very red lips). You do still get the cool ones here, btw. But the weird, boring ones are getting more common. *sigh*

  6. I'll give the US Tempted, but I've never like the Sookie covers so I've got to give those two to UK

  7. For the From Dead to Worse, UK cover, the model looks like Pam.


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