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Wednesday 28 October 2009

Teaser Tuesday (Side Read)

I am reading (on the side) I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six Word Memoirs and it's actually pretty good! Funny, and I likes me funny. So I am going to post 6 word memoirs Hehe.

6. You still smell like my childhood

5. Aspiration: colonize Mars.
You're not invited.

4. Contemplated joining the circus.
Foolishly chose college.

3.Living my dream; please send money.

2. Eventually, I'll make my own breakfast.

1. I never got my Hogwarts letter.



  1. Wow- those are awesome. I love #6... it evokes so much in such a short sentence!

  2. You have a greath space.
    I joyng so much.
    Just finished From dead to worse, and want more.
    Please visit www.newbites.blogspot.com

    I will come back often.



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