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Wednesday 28 October 2009

Review: I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six-Word Memoirs by Teens Famous & Obscure

Title: I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six-Word Memoirs by Teens Famous & Obscure
Series: Six-Word Memoirs
Book #: 2
Author: Larry Smith & Rachel Fershleiser
Pages: 184
Publisher: HarperTeen
Tags: Memoirs
Rating: .5

"One life. Six words. What's yours?"

True tales of love, loss, good friends, and bad hair days filled Not Quite What I Was Planning, the New York Times bestselling first book in the Six-Word Memoir series—and an international phenomenon. Some of the most compelling were by teens, so now SMITH Magazine has compiled a book written entirely by these bold, brash truth-tellers. From cancer to creativity, prom dates to promiscuity, and breaking hearts to breaking laws, the memoirs in this collection reveal that often the youngest writers have the most fascinating stories to tell.

Taschima's POV:

600 stories. 600 different people. Only 6 words.

This book, though very short and easy to finish off, is so right. At first I found it funny, because some of them are funny, but most of them aren't. You can relate to so many different people. I know I did. Everyone has a different way of thinking, everyone is different, special. Problems with love, family, and even oneself's are presented here. It's breath taking, not for it's beauty, but for the truthfulness behind it. People are really opening themselves and putting themselves out there. I really liked it, and I think if you give it a shot, you'll like it too.

Some of the sentences I could relate to, or just liked:

Tired of waiting to be older.

Allergic to reality; compelled by fiction.

A time machine would be nice.

"The good daughter," and therefore invisible.

Quiet personality finds its loud daily.


  1. "Allergic to reality; compelled by fiction."
    I think that might be my new mantra.

  2. I loved "Not Quite What I Was Planning" so much that I started a blog documenting each day in six words (mydayinsixwords.blogspot.com)... which I need to catch up on...

    I didn't know there was a new book! Thanks for reviewing this!


  3. I didn't read but was highly amused by Not Quite What I Was Planning. Must check this new teen one out! Thanks for the review.


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