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Sunday 25 October 2009

New Awards to Give Out ;)

Hello! How are you? ^^ I'm great, I just came back from my first time ever exercise section :O. It's totally incredible given how lazy I am.

Now to the awards...

From Kile in Kilee's Closet

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I just loove it so I will pass it to...

1. Bri at The Book Pixie
3. Natalie at Mindful Musings
4. Ceri at Not in the Pink

This one was from Zombie Girrrl at Crackin' Spines & Takin' Names , she is awesome <3

This award is for those followers who are the most loyal and give bloggers joy by commenting regularly and with their support. Pass it on to 3 to 7 followers who are as loyal as dragons.

I am picking from my Top Commentaholics for this one!

2. Rachel at The Book Wars
3. The Penguin at The Pirate Penguin's Reads

This one is from Zombie Girrrl at Crackin' Spines & Takin' Names, Lindsay from Just Another Book Addict & Awesome Robyn (I love that name, reminds me of an anime I like very much, With Hunter Robyn) at Robolobolyn's Books

[honest_scrap_award.<span class=

This is the Honest Scrap award. It is for those bloggers who write from the heart. The rules are to pass it along to seven bloggers, and then list 10 honest things about myself. Here are those deserving of this honor; bloggers who write from the heart and touch me because of it!

2. Ceri at Not in the Pink
4. Bri at The Book Pixie
5. Cindy at Princess Bookie

10 Honest Things About Myself

10. I am looking for a job (Got an interview at Pac Sun)
9. Pac Sun reminded me of Pac Man, a game I looves <3
8. I used to not like little size books, now I do.
7. Sometimes I like to sing System of a Down VERY loudly.
6. Dark & Twisty is my style.
5. I like big sun glasses.
4. I like puppies, not dogs.
3. Someday I will look back and remember these days with new found wonder, while I have hundreds of cats screaming at me because I haven't fed them.
2. Very forgetful, I am.
1. I am in love with Jim Sturgess (Across The Universe anyone?)

* I had a problem with the other post I did of the same thing, cause it posted somewhere else and... ah never mind it was an Internet fart so I did a new post, sorry for the people who left comments on the other post, they were veery appreciated!


  1. Yeah thanks for the award :) I means a lot to me - especially sine I've been on a blog-its binge where I could not read nor blog :) Yeah!!! Thank you!

  2. Ooh, yeah, I got very confused there - deja vu. haha. :P

    Congrats again, hun. You deserve all the awards you get. And thank you so much for the two passed on - you spoil me!!

  3. Congrats too you!!!!! Thank you so much for the award =) ((hugs))

  4. @Ceri I do spoil you! Hehe but you all deserve it so... I say spoil away!

  5. Why Santa! It's only October ^_^
    Thank you! :D

  6. Thank you so much girl!!!


  7. In return!

    Hey! You've got an award(s) over at our blog!! Check it out! :)

    -BAM Book Reviews!

    :) :) :)

  8. Awww Thank you soo much!! Girl, you are too awesome. <3

    Ahhhh, I turn 20 on Saturday!! Scary, right?


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