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Wednesday 14 October 2009

This is Outrageous

Unbelievable, outrageous, fucking insane, this are words that come to mind when I read this article.

When I got online today, my first page is usually MSN.com and MSN has this part of the page where they show the latest news and everything right? Well when I saw this title I was interested, the title is 'Size 4 Model: I was Fired for being too fat.' Then I read it and was like :0 *gasp* WTF? The Model is Filipa Hamilton (picture to the right), former Ralph Lauren model, is 5'10 and 120 pounds and they think she is too fat. Too fat?! You have got to be kidding me. The freaking modeling industry are sending a bad message to girls all around the world.

It says in the article that at first Miss. Hamilton wasn't going to do anything about it, not until she saw this incredibly offensive, not to mention totally false Photoshopped, image of her in a mall in Japan that showed up on the Internet site BoingBoing.com. The Image is horrible, and not good Photoshop work for that matter.

And of course, Ralph Lauren denies they fired her for being too fat, but if you read closely they are just trying not to get sued. They put pretty wordings and all but you guys know how the model industry is these days, the dresses keep getting smaller and smaller, and with them their models. They want girls like Kate Moss (to the left) now, not that she is not beautiful but you get the image. I am not discriminating against skinny girls, by no means, I am just saying that the requirement to be less than 120 is a crazy thought. It is just not healthy in any way, physically or psychologically. What is a girl to think? That THAT is the desired image? By no means girls. Do not listen to them, you are beautiful in any weight you desire to be, or are. Fuck them and their skinny vicious cycle.

If you guys want to read the complete article go here.

Please spread the word, and act upon it!


  1. Honestly, this doesn't bug me. Mostly because the only fashion I care about is on Project Runway. And only buy clothes if from Target or Kohls. haha I'm so cheap.

    Anyway, it might be wrong, but she's hired for a certain look. If she doesn't fit that look anymore then she's out. Simple as that. Just like if a girl is too pale, too short, too blond, whatever, they can get fired. I'm sure someone as beautiful as her will have no problem getting work elsewhere. Also, as a super model (what's that even mean?) she knows the industry she is in. She knew what to expect getting into it. I honestly don't feel bad for her at all.

  2. Um, actually you can't be fired for not having "the right look"!!! It's called discrimination!! If your fired for being to short, it's discrimination!! And I agree, Tachima...this is ridiculous!!

  3. I agree 100% Tachima, I mean less than 7% of American women are lower than a size 6. WHat audience are they trying to appeal to when they model clothes with people that no one can relate to. It would make me want to buy the clothes even less. Way to make America take a step back in the category of young girls body image. And yes I agree, it is discrimination.

  4. Society's obsession with weight sickens me. We need to focus our attention teaching girls to love and respect themselves, no matter their size.

  5. One of these days, a beautiful girl with great curves and a unique face is going to take over the model world. someone who isn't skinny and classically beautiful. i was watching an old tv show w/ my parents and there was this girl on it who was so pretty!! but she looked a little odd. her face was sort of different but i'm not sure what was off about it. it made her charming and endearing. and she wasn't skinny, but her figure was breathtaking.

    my youngest sister has a "weight problem" and when she isn't careful (christmastime!) she gets a little chubby. but when she is careful... her curves make her look like a twenty-two year old. she's fourteen. she's gorgeous and exotic, boys love her. she's not skinny.

    where's our revolutionary model?? hurry up wherever you are!!

  6. Good on ya, Tasch! I agree 100%. While I don't condone promoting a very very large unhealthy overweight figure, there's no freaking way I'd condone this either! There has to be boundaries! What a joke. The fashion industry makes me sick.

  7. I read about this on Yahoo(!). This is sad. I believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

  8. This skinny thing has gone so far out there it is scary and sickening. It's crazy how they screw with young women's minds. Thanks for this post. Women/girls shouldn't fall for this pressure!

  9. It's sad isn't it? If 120 pounds is FAT then I must be a blimp :/

    I hate how the anorexic-skinny look is the "trend". Only a low percentage of women are actually THAT skinny...Hmm, I sort of agree with what Brooke Reviews (first comment) is saying... I think what pisses me off about this is that the fasion industry is calling ALL the shots, saying that looking like this is sexy and nothing else is. Which is completely false! And photo retouching. I saw more of this on t.v. and the photo they had of her was sickening!


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