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Sunday 25 October 2009

I Slept-> Full of Energy-> With Some New Goodies

Do some of you guys feel sleepy at all during the day? Like you could just drop on the floor and you would just be happy there? I felt like that yesterday. I had to get up early (on a Saturday, that never happens) to take the ACT. I think I did good, or at least better than the first time I took it. I hope anyways.

Now I didn't post yesterday, bad me, but I'm posting today to let you know whats been going on.

I have started Medina Hill, right now I'm on page 33, even though the book is only 200 pages the beginning is kind of slow so, I'm hanging there.

Also I got some goodies this week and stuff, so I thought Id share.

For Review:


From Bri at The Book Pixie:


Finally, the Van Alen Legacy has arrived at Bloody Bookaholic. Ive been waiting for this one too long ^^ And isn't the cover of Lenore freaky? Which makes it awesome. Love Lenore. The author of Bleeding Violet is a Tenner so woot! So this review is going to be up next year.

Wow, it's already October 25th, this Saturday is Halloween and after that comes November... Which means a lot of blogger friends B-Days! (and mine)

We need countdowns girls!!

PS; Enter the Fangtastic Contest *.*


  1. Nice books for review, happy reading!

  2. Awesome books! I'm especially interested in Bleeding Violet, and the cover looks amazing. Happy reading! :)

  3. Ooo, the ACT **shudders**. I think that acronym can still manage to dredge up terrified feelings in me! I'm sure you did well!

    Natalie @ Mindful Musings

  4. Loving the collection you have there - especially Lenore. :D

    I *always* feel tired during the day. I usually fall asleep at about 4-5am and wake up at 10am. That means I need a nap in the afternoon (like an old lady :P ).

    Today the clocks went back an hour here though so that was an extra hour in bed I deserved. :D


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