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Sunday, 11 May 2014

So I Started Reading The Killer by S. E. Green...

And let me tell you I am only a few pages in (maybe 3 tops) and I'm already contemplating not going to bed until I finish it completely.

Killer  Instinct
The Weasel will rape again. Of this I'm sure.
If it is my destiny to be a killer, I'm going to need a type. And today decides what my type will be criminalsspecifically, those who have managed to avoid punishment.
I turn seventeen next week. The Weasel will be my birthday present to myself. I think I've just found my first victim.
The very first few pages have me engrossed in the crisp mind of this seventeen year old girl who reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes who decides to go vigilante and take the law into her own hands. I would say a girl Batman, but she doesn't seem to care much for the outfits, nor is she super rich. She is just very twisted, likes details, and is sure as hell that she is destined one day to kill somebody. Will she get punished? Will she actually kill, or just figure out who did it and turn them in? I really think she will just kill the criminals...


  1. Oh this looks great! Sounds like my kind of book. Looking forward to hearing what you think when you get to the end.

  2. I really loved this one! I couldn't put it down. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

  3. I love it when I find a book that is so good I find myself contemplating not sleeping until it's done! Lucky you!



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