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Sunday 25 May 2014

Chapters Revealed: Atlantia (Ally Condie) and Young Elites (Marie Lu).

So what is the one thing that is better than a cover reveal? A Chapter Reveal. First chapter going online weeks if not months before their release date is crucial to readers like me. It lets me take a sample of the novel, get me familiarized with the world and characters, and more than likely might put me in a state of mind that urges me to "pre-order" the title instead of just waiting for it's release date.


After reading the Atlantia excerpt all I could think was "this sounds SO good". From what I can tell there are people who live in Atlantia. which is a city that is at the bottom of the ocean. They choose to live here because the world Above is polluted and people who live there have shorter live spans, cancer, etc. Basically it sucks to live above. But our protagonist has always wanted to live Above, that is until her mother dies. Rio has a twin sister that has always told her she wanted to live Below, and when their mother dies she begs Rio not to leave her behind. Rio accepts her faith, only to be stabed in the back by her twin sister in the deciding moment of their lives. It is basically really juicy, and already I can see myself being tantalized by this world that Ally Condie is creating. Her fantastic writing only helps. After the "so-so" ending the Matched series had I think this new Atlantia series will be a great change of space.I also like this cover, is very mysterious and yet simple. Now I really want this book.

Final Verdict: A MUST pre-order.

The Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1)
Some hate us, think us outlaws to hang at the gallows.
 Some fear us, think us demons to burn at the stake.
 Some worship us, think us children of the gods.
 But all know us.
 — Unknown source on the Young Elites

The cover seriously gives me a headache. I cannot get over the fact that the title should be on the top and the name of the author on the bottom and not just because "that's the way it is" but because this arrangement just looks plain awkward. But anyhow, Marie Lu called this one "the origin story of a villain" and that right there is reason enough to read it. Not to mention her Legend series was REALLY good and was perhaps one of the few series who didn't end in disappointment (the ending was one of the best actually). The excerpt for The Young Elites introduces us into a world that is part Victorian part Dystopian. The Dystopian part is kind of reminiscent of the Legend world. It has the rules that categorize the Victorian area (like girl's not being able to govern themselves and instead they are sold/traded for money, status, power, etc.) but in a world where a strange decease attacked humanity and either killed its recipients or left them scarred for life. Adelina is one of those scarred people, and because she is one of the Malfetto her father is planning to give her away to make his life easier. Adelina manages to escape the grasp of her father, but at a high price. It was a nice excerpt, I was just hoping for more action maybe. I wanted to meet the Young Elites, but I guess that comes later. But it IS Marie Lu, and she has proven herself with the Legend series so...

Final Verdict: High Hopes for this title, a definite pre-order!

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