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Monday, 5 May 2014

Even MORE Hunger Games Merchandise!!

I recently got an email from Hot Topic involving something about them having a 50% off on any one item in the store and so I said SWEET and went to Hot Topic expecting to buy this cute mario backpack I saw the last time I was there and wanted very much.

But then I saw this...

At first I was like, well I did buy that other Hunger Games shirt the other day and this one doesn't impress me as much so I went to put it back in the rack, but then my boyfriend (who went with me to HT even though he hates it there ^^) saw the back...

My rebellious instincts, some borrowed from the novel and some natural, sprang forward and I ran back to the register and bought it.

Isn't it the best freaking shirt ever?! HECK YES!

If you wish to buy this shirt hurry up to Hot Topic (the 50% off thing is just till Saturday 31st I believe- you have to get a card there but it's free of charge) and get it! Normally it's 22$ but for me it was like 11$ and something cents.

Support The Hunger Games (Book),
Down With the Capitol!


  1. Oh why oh why could this all not have happened while I was still living in the states where the nearest Hot Topic was only 20 minutes away??!!! -sigh- That shirt does kick ass.

  2. That. Is. AWESOME! =)


  3. Ooo...pretty! :)

    And don't worry about the book. I work quite a bit, so I totally understand not having time to mail it out until now!


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