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Monday, 26 September 2011

Things that Blogger NEEDS

Blogger is a wonderful site, but its missing some things. Like...
  • A Reply button: How is this essential? Well, I try to maintain a conversation with my followers, but unless they come back and read the same post, how would they know I'm replying to what they say? It would be so much easier if we got a reply button cause then we could have...
  • Notifications. Like when someone replies to a comment. Or adds something to a page. Or edits something like a list on a challenge. We get updates on blog posts, but not on anything else.
For me the reply button is a biggie. It annoys me that we don't have one because I would like to keep going on a conversation with my followers on whatever post.

Who's with me? What's other stuff this great site may be missing that just bothers you to no end?


  1. You are absolutely right. A reply button would be wonderful. My readers leave comments, and I leave comments too to answer them, but they can't notice it unless they come back :(

  2. I've been dying for threaded comments too, and I like the notifications idea. Also permalinks! Please Blogger give us permalinks.

  3. A reply button would be good. It's hard to remember which posts I've commented on or I just don't have time to go back through them all to see if there has been a response so a reply would be good.

  4. I'm with you on the reply button. And yah, say I write a post three days ago and someone happens to stumble across it today and they make a comment. Unless I go back three days on my blog, I won't notice the comment. I'd like a notification for that too.

    I usually do check back on past days though. Not like three weeks ago past, but definitely three days ago.

  5. Yeah, that is a problem because then you have to talk to several followers instead of to them separately. They just updated the interface and love it. My blog is very happy.

    Hopefully very soon they can better it for blogger to follower interaction.

    P.S. Love blogger more than Wordpress but can be even more improved.

  6. I agree with both of these things. I've pretty much stopped commenting on comments in my post because I don't think anyone goes back to read them. It would also be amazing if when we updated we got notifications. Maybe Blogger can consider these additions!

  7. I agree! ESPECIALLY about the reply button.

  8. I totally agree! You know what else I think us book bloggers would like is the ability to have surveys or polls in posts (the poll widget is only for the sidebar! why make the widget for only the sidebar?). Anyways, not that I would it that much but some blogs have things like monthly book picks and other monthly questions for readers. It might come in handy!

  9. A reply button would be neat but as long as you have a blogger account you can use the "email follow-up comments" option. That way you get an e-mail if the blog owner (and other people of course) replies to your comments. Also if you are the blogger you probably get the comments delivered to your e-mail inbox. If the commenter left an e-mail adress you can just hit reply on those messages and write an e-mail diretctly to the commenter.

    Not the optimal way yet but there are solutions!

  10. Absolutely. And I've also heard that blogger doesn't import well into a custom site (the way Word Press does). I haven't tried this yet, but eventually I'll really that feature too!

  11. Oh it would be a dream come true if blogger added a reply button and I'm really liking your idea of getting notifications as well. I wonder if we can suggest blogger to add these features?


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