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Friday, 2 September 2011

Dinning on Borders Bones

As many of you know Borders, my dear and lovely bookstore (not to mention my favorite) is closing down. I hate this fact, but oh well. I supported them for years, and it still didn't keep them from going bankrupt. I will forever miss you, oh dear holy house of books.

Having paid my respects, now comes the juicy part. I went to Borders to help them a bit more. When I went they had everything 40%-60% off, and oh gosh did I take advantage!

I got all the titles listed below, which are:

With a much prettier cover. Can't wait to read this one!

Bleeding Violet was creepy and awesome, though it left me hanging a bit at the end.
Will Slices of Cherry live up to my high standards?
IF the cover is any indicator I would say hell yeah!

Girl who can read minds with an extremely appealing cover,
who wouldn't have bought it?

I have the sequel, but haven't read this one... I might as well.

I started this series and never really continued it. I always said "Oh, I'll buy it later" but later never seem to come. Now I got both! Time to catch up!

Everybody tells me this series is awesome, so I bought the first two books (I kind of have the others). I know I get frustrated when people don't follow my advise to read a great series, so I'm following the advice of friends and finally going for a spin on this gravy train.

Aaaam... Too steamy for this blog, so don't expect a full on review, but nevertheless expect some kind of comment. Megan Hart is a terrific author.

An impulse buy! The title has it all, vampire, Dimitri... I can't wait to read about another Dimitri. It's kind of the second one in the series, but I don't think it matter much from what I read from the summary.

The Morganville Vampires:

I started reading this series ages ago, and then just stopped. It didn't hold my attention as others did. But now I'm back and I'm willing to give it another shot.

I've wanted to read this one for the longest time. I love the cover, and it's written in verse!

So, that was my haul. The total came up to $112, which is pretty cheap for so many books! Specially with two hardcovers thrown in the mix. Now Borders is going up to 50% off... I'm going back... soon!

Have you been able to pick through Borders ashes? What did you get? Are you going soon, or did Borders already close it's doors next to you?

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  1. love love love Slice of Cherry! :)

  2. sad for you guys over there...
    wish I could help with buying though!!!!!
    great books! and yeap I myself am a great fan of the Soul Screamers series and the next book If I Die is just around the corner! hope you get to read all the first ones soon!

  3. I've been waiting for Borders to lower their prices and I finally went to my local store the other day since they started doing 50-60% off. I didn't buy as much as you did (um, holy crap, that is a NICE PILE THERE) but I did get three books. I bought WARM BODIES for $8.16 (originally it was $24--a total steal!) and A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT for $4.49. And technically it wasn't my book but my mom bought herself an Italian recipe book for $2.99.

    I plan on going back soon and ugh, the price slashes...it's to TEMPTING to buy everything!!!!

  4. OMG Loved Slice of Cherry. Super creepy, but I couldn't stop reading it! Hope you love it too! And good steal on the pile of books!

  5. @Cara I loved Bleeding Violet!

    @Alba I want to go back so badly! But they haven't paid me at work... and I have no one to take me.

    @Sandy Hmm you need to go back and hit the Young Adult section. Hit it good!

    @Roxanna Thank you ^^ Can't wait to read Slices of Cherry now xD

  6. im going to dine today!

  7. LOL, hit it good.

    I will. I finally got a job so... I haz money ;)


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