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Saturday 10 September 2011

Blog Question: To Do or Not To Do?

To Do or Not To Do?

I am a person facing a riddle. While I want to give all of you as many reviews as possible I am but one college girl with a job. I read, I do, I write reviews as well and I like to do it. It's just I don't have as much time as I used to when I was in oh High School. So my question is, for a blog that is entirely owned by me where nobody else has been responsible for anything is it okay to have a person who is willing to do the occasional YA review? It would mean more content, and I won't just let anyone touch my baby so they will have to be good writers with a unique style. But what do you think? It's still just an idea, but first I want some opinions on the matter.


  1. Yes! i love your reviews, but I think this blog could improve (if possible) from more reviews. This is a great idea! :)

  2. Sure, why not? If they add content occasionally and fill in the gaps, but you maintain control of your blog, it seems like a win-win to me! :-)

  3. I don't see a problem with it. My friend Liz guest posts and some of my other friends swing by. Hell, most of September is guest posts 'cause I knew I'd be swamped.

    Go for it.

  4. Guests posts work well if you want something to fill your blog.
    It's best if the guest has a similar writing style to you.
    Ultimately it's down to what you feel comfortable with.
    I follow some blogs that only post once a week, and one that is every fortnight. Maybe you can set up a rough schedule so people know when to expect posts.
    You don't need guest posts, but if you want them then they can be great.
    It's got to be your choice. I've never had anyone else work on my blog and know how protective of it I am. Just do what you're comfortable with. :D

  5. I think that this is a really personal decision for you. Of course it would mean more content but you really need to think about how you are going to do it. Are you going to proof every post? Things like that. I really enjoy your content as is.

  6. I love your blog not just because of the reviews, but all the other awesome stuff you post. Like keeping us all updated on the Hunger Games, new upcoming books, and just other book related stuff. I'm sure whoever you chose to write reviews would be awesome and I know your blog will still be awesome even with someone giving you a little help. It's a good idea! Go for it! (Did you notice that I used the word awesome like 6 billion times...?)

  7. Really great question and it's one I've asked me self. I'm still in High School and I've got so many clubs and maybe an internship that I dunno if I can blog and read as I did...I personally like read just your thoughts but I'm not opposed to another reviewer!

  8. Yea it's okay to have guest bloggers or someone who reviews or guest posts on the blog.

  9. It depends choose someone with a blog and profile picture. Also be sure they want it. I actually help Kati at Jagged Edge Reviews but sadly only a little just busy with my own blog- Book & Movie Dimension. Hope I helped some.

  10. I think that is perfect fine. I see a few blogs out there that have a "guest review" every once in a while or a share their blogs with other reviewers. I don't think it has to be another blogger either. As long as you explain who they are so we know a bit more about them before reading the review.

    Erika @ One A Day Y.A.

  11. It's something I've thought about also, my reading and reviewing has decreased due to health issues and I think having a guest reviewer would fill the decreasing content. Nothing wrong with that I say but there's also nothing wrong with posting once or twice per week.

    You've just got to decide what works best for you but remember it also takes time following someone up on their guest reviews, planning, scheduling, editing etc depending on how much freedom you are giving them to your blog.

    Good luck :)

  12. hard decision I know and I love reading your reviews...whether there are tons in the week or just one... but if you feel the need to post more reviews and don't have the time then it's okay...you can ask even for different like guest reviews from time to time...don't think it's bad... but in the end it's your blog and you're doing what you love... don't get too stressed about it ^-^

  13. I totally understand where you're coming from Taschima. There are times I've considered taking on another reviewer for Mindful Musings, though I've usually ended up shooting the idea down in the end. I'd say go for it if you think it will help you though! I might eventually end up doing it too.

    Good luck with college, girl. I know how difficult it can be trying to balance everything!

  14. @Lisa I would go over every post, and then I would say if it's acceptable or not.

    @Bookie Monster Thank you for all the awesome, made my day.

    @Erika The girl I'm thinking of is not a reviewer, but an English Major that loves YA at my university. I think it's best this way cause then she only has to write the occasional review for the blog but doesn't have her own "blogging responsibilities". I would love to have another blogger guest post, but they already have too much on their plates.

    @Tedyree I just figured it would mean a bit more content and that the time it would take to proof read would be less than the time it would take me to read a whole other book xD

    @Natalie it's not only college, I also have a job! Yeah, I think this is something I might do if I find the right person.

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  16. I say go for it, we all know that real life sometimes gets in the way of blogging and it's all good. =)


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