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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Teaser Tuesday: After Obsession by Carrie Jones & Steven Wedel

After Obsession
By Carrie Jones & Steven Wedel
Hardcover, 320 pages
Published September 13th 2011
by Bloomsbury

From Alan's POV:
"There she is. 
Courtney's friend. The pretty girl with red hair. The dream rushes back to me. We were falling, clutching at each other, and I was trying to tell her something. Onawa had been there, too. The girl looks up at me and I realize I've stopped walking and am staring at her. I get my feet moving again, but can't stop staring. I see something in her eyes, something like recognition."
From Aimee's POV:
"It's all good and happy and we laugh, and break off into two groups again, and settle into our lunchtime routine of Courtney reciting sex facts from Cosmo. Blake rubs his foot up and down my leg in a sexified way, which for some reason just makes me feel a little restless and not at all sexified. Alan and Courtney argue about lobsters looking at you while you eat them and I play all peacemaker and then scoot a glance at Alan. He's the guy from my dream, I know it. And that means he's in some kind of danger, I think."

So by now you must have realized two things about this novel. One, it's told in two points of view, and two, they clearly have a connection. A magical connection nonetheless. Nothing more powerful except love, I believe. In any way it leads to love. It's like this, magical connections lead their way into making people fall in love, it's inevitable. I want to read a book yet where a magic connection happens and the two main characters don't get together.

For now the book is very ala Twilight mixed with Beautiful Creatures. It has it's moments where it grabs your attention, but we'll see what happens. Should be done with it by Friday, and then I'll post a review ^^


  1. Interesting, i do like books that give more than one point of view =)



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