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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Iron Knight's, by Julie Kagawa, full trailer!

I used to dislike book trailers to no end, because honestly they didn't sem to make the book justice. But Harlequin Teen has definitely stepped up their game. The Iron Knight's trailer is amazing. The level of detail alone left me dumbstruck.

Ironhorse, Mabb, Meghan, Grimm, Puck and Ash are all on the trailer, portrayed by real people, real freaking people!

Seeing is believing though, so watch the whole trailer with your own eyes and tell me I'm wrong.

I think this trailer could be played in the TV and people would go and read the damn book. If more publishers would cook up trailer's like this, and put them on TV... I mean, imagine all the people the trailer could reach!

PS; Click here to go to Harlequin Teen's Facebook page and like it!


  1. Such a darling blog! I'm a new visitor and I'll be back soon. This is a great review of "..Iron Knight.." which I'm waiting to read.


  2. I love this series and can't wait for the book!


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