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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 2nd Official Trailer, a better one!!

Okay, fine, I am going to see this movie. Breaking Dawn was definitely not the best book out of the series, but it might just be one of the best movies lolz

5 Things that I really liked about this trailer:

5. Bella looking all drugged up and f-up on 1:20. Lolz!
4. Edward's "oh shit" face when the baby kicked her belly.
3. Jacob, oh gosh he melts my heart.
2. Edwards getting all manly and screaming "You are giving me no choice!"
1. Edward breaking the bed... old news, but it's so goooood!

Do you think this movie will be any good? I mean, the second part may be a bit of a dissapointment because of the no fighting thing (didn't have the balls did you SM?) but this part may not be half as bad...

Oh also I found this image and it don't look half bad...

Vampire Bella!!! EVERYBODY RUN! (kidding, she ain't scary at all)


  1. Sweet! It looks pretty good - I hope so! I told myself I wasn't going to see this one in the theaters... but I might just have to now!! lol Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wow, Bella looks almost bad-ass in that picture!

    I have to agree with you on two things. a) The first part is going to be the best, part two will be as anti-climatic as the book was. There's just so way the movie people can fix SM's... I'll be nice and say mistake. And b) Jacob does look hot!

    Thanks for posting this! I hadn't seen the trailer before!

  3. Definitely looks exciting because lots of things all just happen at once. Edward breaking the bed is just hilarious.

  4. The trailer looks good, def better than the other movies. I'll be watching this one for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Actually the third and fourth book was my favorite out the whole not so great series, and I am not even sure I want to go see the movie..lol. I do heart Jacob and Carlisle though...lol :)

  6. I became a hater after all the sequels came out..but..I will have to agree with you, this movie looks better made than the rest! I think its the director-gets-better-as-the-sequels-precede theory or the Oh-no-we-are-making-them-too-fast-lets-slow-down-and-juice-out-maximum-profits! :P Either way this one looks like fun to watch! Thanks for the heads up!
    I don't like Bella but she does look kinda pretty in that picture!

  7. LOVE your top five hahaha. So perfect :) I'm definitely going to see this one! I have high hopes, and I obviously can't pass up the chance to see Edward being manly lol

  8. @Robyn almost being the keyword Lolz! Also this is the second official trailer, look around I posted the first one before.

    @Cassandra Hes hot, and you know it.

    @Ladystorm fourth book for me at least was the worst out of them all... Love the first 3.

    @Kiwi I became a "fan" hater. All the "uuhs" and "aahs" just got to me, I wanted to exterminate all the overly huge fans out there and hit them with the book.

    @Amber WHO CAN PASS UP EDWARD BEING MANLY! It was about damn time. I think hi's patience is running low with Bella lolz

  9. I loved books 1 and 2 from Breaking Dawn, but I didn't really like book 3, so I expect I'll love the first movie at least. I'll watch the second movie too, but mostly because I couldn't not watch it, and simply to enjoy Jake's and Edward's hotness:))


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