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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

An Awww After Obsession Moment

Alan's POV:
"I have to look away. A lump jumps up in my throat and my eyes water just a little. I didn't even really know my cousin a week ago, but after last night we've become family. I nod, then turn back to Aimee and figure to hell with Blake. I grab her and crush her against me and kiss the top of her head. I didn't know her last week, either, and now she is my only anchor in a world that is getting more screwed up by the minute."
It's just, awww! He is such a sweetie! Not that the situation is perfect, but it's just one of those parts of the book I need to show you guys.


  1. ooh one of my favorite posts ever...when a passage from a book had been too good not to share it!
    thanks for this! I love it!makes me want to read the book NOW


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