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Tuesday 19 April 2011

Districts have been chosen...

They have chosen districts 1, 11, and 12. More to come buddies!

Rue- Amandla Stenberg
Thresh- Dayo Okeniyi

And of course you have seen district 12...


To be completely honest the only thing I remember about district one was that Glimmer is blonde and the guy is, am, there. District 11 however, I remember plenty of! I love the casting for Rue, and the guy is okay, not how I pictured him, but okay. The other two well you already know my opinion on Peeta and Katniss so I won't bother you again with that.

But I will bother you with The Hunger Games Facebook Page, visit it, follow it, like it. Make it your home page. Support it! And of course, give me your opinion on the cast.


  1. Rue and Thresh are perfect! :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. love the hunger games with a passion!! rue looks super cute not realy what i would have pictured myself but sooo cute :) cant realy rember tresh much from the books just that hes big :) but he also seems onrail :) xx


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