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Saturday 2 April 2011

Cover Winner of March; New covers for April

No surprise there! Wither has such a pretty cover, it's hard to resist buying it. Will the cover reflect the story? Will the story be as good? Well lets hope so. My money was on this one or on Mermaid. This is the break down:

Votes In Total: 89 
This is going great! People are voting, we are getting a new cover each month, and by the end of the year we will have 12 covers to compete with each other!! Awesome.

This are the new covers for April, when you leave a comment let me know which covers you would like for next month ;]




I think Defiance has my vote, let the best cover win!

PS; The poll is on the left side bar in this blog. Have fun!


  1. The cover of Wither is amazing... I also love the cover of Future Imperfect!

  2. But the cover for FUTURE IMPERFECT changed didn't it? Unless that's a second version or something.

    Guess I'll go with Boyfriends with Girlfriends because I like the creative title placement, even though it's pretty small. ;P

  3. I love the Memento Nora cover the best. The colors and the shadows are so great. I think Die For me and Wrapped should definitely be on the next list.

  4. @Cass it may have, but I like this version more o.o

  5. Love Wither's cover! And my fav out of the new ones is Abandon. I saw it in person and it rocks.

  6. I love the cover for Abandon. I want to read this soo bad too. Anything myth related and I'm hooked.

  7. I like the cover for Where She Went, though Abandon comes in at a close second.

  8. I like the cover for Abandon by Meg Cabot

  9. I'll pick Boyfriends with Girlfriends, looks a great cover and a cool book.

    PS your Meg Cabot link goes to Defiance - just letting you know!

  10. @YA Yeah Yeah Thank you! I changed it ;)


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