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Thursday 7 April 2011

Sensible shoes for BEA? SHOES!!!

BEA is close by, so close by in fact that we must by now start buying plane tickets, getting in contact with people for hotel arrangements (thank you Lexie, without you I would be lying in the floor in the most awful fetal position ever), and well buying the wardrobe. It's NY, you have to dress with style! Professional yet comfy for BEA sure, but BEA doesn't last all day long right? RIGHT? Thats what I thought.

Here are some shoes I am dying to buy for the NY trip, most of them aren't comfy I would probably hate them by the end of the day, but don't they look gorgeous?




Fine. I know, I know the rules. You have to wear comfy shoes at BEA because if not you are going to be sorry (believe me, the comfier the better), but you can't blame a girl for falling in love with un-sensible heels. Here are some that make a bit more sense for BEA:

I found all of these at Cutesy Girl.com, my mother showed me the page and I fell in love. How does this relate in any way to books? BEA is Book Expo America and if you plan to go this May you might as well start planning two months ago. Or now would be fine too. It's going to be so much fun!! I can't wait!

Have you started to plan for BEA? Who's going?!


  1. Oh those are definitely some awesome shoes!

  2. I'm sensing a definite trend with your shoes - all edgy and all black. I like them! :)

  3. Oh Taschima how I miss you!

    I can be the boring old lady with my sensible shoes - you can rock the house!

    Can't wait to see you!!

  4. @KM Edgy and black is my style =]

    @Emily I will then take two pair of shoes with me, comfy and un-comfy, and may my feet decide.

  5. Taschima, would you happen to know which form do you fill out of your a blooger who is interested in going? I heard that there are two forms this year and that bloggers have to pay?

    I Heart Book Gossip


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