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Wednesday 6 April 2011

Waiting on Wednesday Guys

Hardcover: 544 pages
Expected Publication: December 6th 2011 by Del Rey Books
A maximalist, post-apocalyptic, neo-Victorian steampunk zombie novel in which a girl, whose blood is impervious to the “Z-virus,” searches for her missing dad, is kidnapped by (good) zombies, falls improbably in love with a rather sweet zombie boy, and sets out to save the world from a zombie plague beyond imagining.  
As far as romantic pairings go in the year 2195, you don't get much more unlikely than an upper-class schoolgirl and a poor miner from enemy tribes. Filter in the fact that he's a zombie, and you're definitely talking about star-crossed love.  
Dearly, Departed is a cyber-Victorian/steampunk romance that takes place in the shadow of a new ice age. Nora Dearly, a mouthy teenage girl and apparent orphan, leaves school for Christmas - only to be dragged into the night by the living dead. Luckily for her, though, the good ones got to her first. From her reanimated rescuers she learns not only that zombies are roaming the countryside, but that her father is one - and that he's in terrible trouble. She also meets Captain Bram Griswold, a noble, strong, and rather sweet undead boy for whom she starts to fall.  
Meanwhile, her best friend, Pamela Roe, is just trying to carry on with life as best she can in the wake of Nora's disappearance - when she ends up killing an evil zombie in self-defense. Pam is galvanized into action, and ends up leading a group of survivors as the city of New London is thronged by the ravenous dead.  
Upon hearing of Pamela's plight, Nora and Bram set out to rescue her friends, find her missing father, and maybe just save what's left of the world.
First off the cover is beautiful. Dark, gothic-steampunk. The color is just awesome. Second, did you read the summary? I mean it's got just about everything, dystopian, zombies, steampunk, neo-victorian? What is this author trying to do?! So many different things in one! It could turn out to be either one of the best books ever... or a complete disaster. Personally I'm hoping for the best book ever scenario.

And Third, hopefully this will make it into your wish list =D


  1. You had me at "zombie." I will read this. Fabulous cover.

  2. I love that cover! Awesome pick! I'll have to add it to my list! x)

  3. I am Victorian Goth and this is perfect book for me.

  4. Oooh I actually won a finished copy of this a while back! I love the cover, and it sounds like it'll be a lot of fun to read .

  5. I'd never heard about this book before, now I can't wait to read it!

  6. Oh man, this cover is flipping GORGEOUS! i love the premise and, ugh, it just looks so FAB. Great pick for this week!

    Emma @ girl loves books

  7. Wow. This is made of so much awesome I don't even know where to begin. I really hope the author pulls this off because it sounds incredible! Great pick!

  8. Zombies, steampunk and romance? Woah. I hadn't heard of this before o.o

    I'm not sure how I feel about the zombies but everything else sounds great. xD Nice pick!

  9. Whoa, Dearly Departed sounds SO COOL! And that cover? It's so pretty!! :)

  10. Hahah im glad you guys liked it! Definitely on my list!


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