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Monday 4 April 2011

Hunger Games Peeta and Gale Casting...

Well, here are our guys...

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark;

Liam Hemsworth is Gale Hawthorne.

Why hello Peeta, Gale. You guys are not what I had in mind. Peeta you were this cute sensitive guy who could totally catch you off guard on your hot moments (which at times coincided when your pissed; In the Hunger Games when you smash that Haymitch's liquor? So cool), also you were blonde. Gale, your pretty hot, but your white. Why are you so white? Where's your olive skin tone? I don't see it anywhere! Did you pull an MJ? I guess you did. Actually Gale, you could be Peeta, and Peeta could be no one because Peeta DOESNT BELONG HERE. Yes I said it! Go home Josh. Or better yet act your ass off in the movie and convince me your Peeta. If you don't manage to do that, well then, there WILL be an uprising in the Blogosphere districts. Starting right here. And that goes for both of you. As president Snow, may he be rotting in the darkest corner of hell, once said, aim higher and convince ME (Catching Fire).

You have been warned...

PS; Zombie Girrrl has a solution for the hair job. Check it out.
PPS; Fan Art made Peeta blonde, but is it enough? Thanks for the link Devan. Check it out.


  1. You have to check this out!


  2. Based on Josh's track record, I don't think we'll be disappointed. It all comes down to the chemistry between him and Jennifer. I am super excited!!


    PS - loved Zombie Girrrl's shop job, too.

  3. You're so silly. This post gained a few chuckles from me, but I have to agree with you! Peta and Gale are totally different from what I envisioned.

  4. LOL yes, the colours are all wrong. What happened?! Gah. Fingers crossed they get all gussied up and THG-looking, ready for the movie soon!

  5. I second this!I'm so sad I can cry :/ this totally ruined my day!

  6. It had such great potential when they cast Katniss... *sigh* I'm really having trouble seeing Josh Hutcherson as a love interest, since the last movie I saw him in was Bridge to Terabithia... in which he was less than dazzling... And I have no issue with Liam Hemsworth, except that, like, you said, he's WHITE. I hate it when studios don't try hard enough to find minority actors.

  7. @Devan Wow, I liked that fan art, thank you very much for that link! Still, he has to convince me he's Peeta, he's too perfect looking, maybe it's just the picture...

    @Tara She's the best.

    @Mendy I will take that as a compliment xD

    @Badass Bookie Aww cheer up girl, it could be far worse!

    @FBF I have to watch that movie, I haven't watched in so long... I know! I want my olive man, and my olive woman. It's like when they did Avatar:The last Airbender and the main people were WHITE! I mean, THEY AREN't WHITE ON THE SERIES.

    I should know, I own the entire series.

  8. Are they really expecting a YAY! over this? First, they look kinda old to play as teenagers. Josh, its really hard to see him blonde and pull it off. And Liam is too white; it would be a miracle if they can make him darker skin and look good. I have accepted Jennifer as Katniss, but this two guys are going to be way to hard to accept.

  9. i love how you took the news with such humor. i didn't. i screamed and sulked and was in the worst mood ever. well. c'est la vie i guess...
    "Or better yet act your ass off in the movie and convince me your Peeta" that's what we're all hoping for i guess

  10. Casting directors can't, and will never, get the casting perfect. So lets all chill out. These are two fine actors to play two amazing characters. And we (the fans) will have to live with what they give us. So how about instead of complaining that these two aren't good enough for y'all, lets cheer them on. Make them fall in love with the books like we all have.

  11. I was disappointed when I found out that they will role as Peeta and Gale. But let's see


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