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Sunday 10 April 2011

Don't You Just HATE it...

When you talk to your friends about the kind of books you like and when you mention that you like to read paranormal/supernatural young adult they just go straight for this answer -> "Like Twilight... and more Twilight?" then they laugh and say they were joking but you know that in reality they weren't joking because they think the genre is for kids and tweens and Twilight fans only.

It really upsets me! I mean Young Adult is so much more than that. Don't hate on it because of one book that got too much fame for goodness sakes. People...

And thus ends my rant.


  1. YES. I just read If I Stay which has a huge blurb on the cover that fans of Twilight will like it...the book is nothing like Twilight. I feel like the blurb is just an unnecessary way to say "this book is YA".

  2. I completely agree with you. It's probably one of the reasons why some just can't stand twilight. Everything is just compared to it, and it can just get so tiring!

  3. I agree, I hate it when everyone associates YA with Twilight, there were books before Twilight, just because it might have made it a bit more popular does not mean that is all thats out there..I love YA and I am not afraid to admit it..lol. :)

  4. None of my friends understand my love of books. When C.C. Hunter visited my school and she talked about her book, all everybody could talk about was her book being a "Twilight rip-off." Even my English teacher wasn't a fan of her. It was just me against everybody else, so I couldn't really do anything. A couple of my friends like to read, but none of them are obsessed like I am. They were never blog, or go to book conventions, or anything. Makes me very lonely. :(

    What I hate most is just when they hate on books without even reading them. Sure, they're not "classics," but they may be in a couple decades. I prefer to not have my passion called "pointless," thank you very much.

    So, yeah. That's why I never talk about books with my friends.

    iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

  5. agreed!
    a upside to my kindle that i didnt think about whne i bought it: noone sees my covers, so noone asks me questions (some covers are just a bit cheesy and/or undesirable)

    but yah, i get that too because i like 'young adult' books, whereas i also get im too old for them (24) and i shuld be reading bodice rippers or some stupid genre like that... umm... no.

  6. I totally agree, and yes, I DO hate that. There are so many YA books out right now that are a million times better than Twilight. People just can't seem to get past that one series. Even just last night, my husband picked up my copy of City of Bones that I'm reading, read the description, and, bless his heart, said, "So...it's like Twilight?" Um, no. But thanks for asking. :) Good rant!

  7. Oh my gosh! I know just how you feel. When people find out I read YA (without even saying paranormal) all they say are "Like Twilight and vampires?" And then they look at me funny, kinda like this 0_o as if only young preteen girls should read them.

    And the reality is, they'd probably love these books also if they just gave them a chance!

  8. This happens to me ALL THE TIME! Now I just say I read Young Adult (and they STILL look at me funny). People who do not read cannot seem to grasp that there are more YA books out there besides Twilight...

  9. TOtally agree with you and understand, that's actually why I turned to blogging, since there was no one in my world I could talk books with I found this amazing community online!I agree on everyone seeing Twilight as the spokesperson for everyhting YA & paranormal, its annoying at times. but I actually made a similar post about this a little while ago when I first started blogging. i would love to hear what you think. here's the link!


  10. Oh My Goodness. YES. EXACTLY. Tell it like it is. LOL. I so agree with you! It's like they think Twilight is the only Young Adult book out there. I mean I love Twilight, but I love other books too! LOL.

  11. @Melissa thanks for the link!

    And yes everybody, I swear people should first read a book and then criticize the entire genre.

  12. You are so right! Most of my friends think YA= Twilight. UGH!! They have NO idea of what YA is!
    And another thing that gets me pretty pissed off is that by hearig "young" they say: you are in college, and still reading children´s twilight books? I mean..C'mon! A fiend's grandma reads my friend's YA books and she LOVES them. (That grandma rocks btw)


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