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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Cover Revealed!!!!!

And I LOVE IT!!! My absolute favorite by far! It's so dark and awesome. Reminds me a little of Hallowen to tell you the truth. And the cat! Herro mister Hellsing, how do you do?

But there is one critical character missing from this cover... WHERE IS BONES!?

Maybe on the inside flap? ...

There he is!!!!!
Gosh, that's hot.

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  1. There is an inside flap with Bones, Jeaniene Frost posted it on her blog. Here: http://frost-light.livejournal.com/ LOVE the inside flap.

  2. Bones is inside ^^
    You can see it on my blog =)

  3. Lol yeah I'm sure Bones is inside, sorry couldn't resist the joke.


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