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Friday, 25 March 2011

Blue Bloods News!!!! Cover Revealed: Lost In Time cover + Hot News!!!

Expected publication: October 4th 2011 
by Hyperion

It's beautiful. Did you notice how the characters have a little bit of color in their skin? I love this covers, it's so sexy and pretty at the same time!! Do you love it? Is it your favorite?

There's also a video with the Lost In Time cover shoot!

The guy looks just a tiny bit stiff, work with the girl model you stick!! Being hot isn't your entire job!

I also got more stuff for you, a lot of info coming out. I got this information from Melissa's Newsletter:

Blue Bloods News * Seventh & Final Novel Announced * New Cycle To Begin
News of the seventh and final Blue Bloods novel was just announced by my publisher, Disney-Hyperion. The seventh book will be published Fall 2012. Hyperion also bought two new novels in the next Blue Bloods "cycle".  
As I was writing the fifth book, I realized that the first cycle would be seven books, and that I wanted to mark it with a grand announcement of the finale. However, I couldn't share the news since at that time, I still hadn't even sold the books to my publisher yet.   
After the seventh novel is published, a new chapter with new characters (and some old ones!) will begin a new Blue Bloods series. I don't know how many will be in the second series yet, but will let you know when I do. 
When I conceived of Blue Bloods back in the day (of yonder) I thought I'd do three mini-trilogies, but as I began to write the books, I decided I didn't want to do a prequel trilogy like I had planned, (since most prequels kind of suck since you already know how it ends right?) and so I incorporated my prequel trilogy into the "forward" stories and well… that is a long winded explanation to say: SEVEN IS THE MAGIC NUMBER. And after seven, we will start a new story, which I've already sketched in my head and I'm already so so so excited about it.
... so, want a sneak peak of Lost in Time? You got it!

"Maybe Schuyler was crazy to think it would last, that any of it—their love, their joy together would hold, given the darkness that had been part of their union from the beginning—and later she would wish she had enjoyed it more, that she had spent less time poring through books, less time at the library alone, less time removing his arms from her waist, telling him to wait, or missing dinner so that she could go over the papers again and again, she would wish for one more night spent in a roadside café, holding hands under the table, one more night when they would sit side by side in bed, reading, as he rested a hand on her knee."

So much drama! I can't wait!!


  1. AHHHHHH!!!! Omg, I almost died at the sneak peak, lol. I'm kind of excited about the new series. 7 is the lucky number, and it's bittersweet, but time for their story to end and a new one to begin. Thanks for posting this! :)

  2. Yaaaaay! I can't wait. The cover is beautiful! I'm looking forward to reading this and the new series Cruz is writing! <3 Awesome Post!

  3. OMFG so freaking excited i can't wait! it's super pretty as always! omfg EGYPT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm a new follower! Will you follow me back at http://www.MagicalUrbanFantasyReads.com/

  5. I absolutely and totally love this series. It also makes me so happy that that there is going to be another series after the seventh book!


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