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Friday, 11 March 2011

Cover Winner of February; New covers for March

I'm a little surprised this one won, and at the same not surprised. I mean it went agaisnt Darkest Mercy and Haunted, and those two are very pretty to the eye. Anyhow congrats to The Iron Witch!! There were 100 posts in all, and this is the break down:

The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney - 44 (44%)

Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr - 38 (38%)

Haunted by Joy Preble - 06 (6%)

Rival by Sara Bennett Wealer - 6 (6%)

This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost - 06 (6%)

The Trust by Tom Dolby - 0 (0%)

The trust is such a pretty cover!! Why didn't anybody vote for it? A shame really. I'm also impressed that some Jeaniene Frost fans came out of their rocks and voted for the cover (I voted for this cover too), You go guys!!

Now here are the covers for March, you vote for the best one!

ITS SO HARD THIS MONTH!!! I love the cover for Blood and Flowers, and I love the Wither and the Mermaid cover!! Eeeks! May the best cover win!


  1. Mermaid is just plain gorgeous but I also really love the gown and colors for Wither. This is such a difficult choice. But I pick Mermaid, the shimmery scales and lovely font is absolute cover love!

  2. I'll have to go with Mermaid as well! Love the colours, typography and just the overall look of it.

  3. I love Mermaid so much! They aesthetic is gorgeous!

    Shelly from Bookiecutie

  4. When it comes to eye catching colors, I gotta go with Blood & Flowers.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  5. I like Mermaid a little, and wither (except the model is so skinny). Blood and Roses I think is the best cover. The others do nothing for me.

  6. I'll go for Clarity then, because I know lots of people will prefer Wither over it. But all of them are gorgeous!

  7. All the covers are pretty in their own way. But my top two favorites is WITHER and MERMAID. It was very hard to chose, but I finally went with MERMAID. I guess because I haven't seen it around much and it is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. I have to, have to vote for Wither. Phenomemal photography and the angst feeling you get from just looking at the cover is great! LOVE it!


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