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Thursday, 26 June 2014

YA Excerpt: Stone Cold Touch (White Hot Kiss #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (!)

I read White Hot Kiss recently and loved it. So naturally I had to pick up Stone Cold Touch right away because I couldn't stop thinking about Layla's world, and Roth. I received an ARC copy at BEA, since Stone Cold Touch wont be released until October (2014). So I started reading Stone Cold Touch and I just got sucked into the world once again. In White Hot Kiss we got to see the relationship between Layla and Roth, in Stone Cold Touch the relationship that gets the most attention is Layla's and Zayne's. Even though I am not Team Zayne I can still say that some of his scenes with Layla where wicked hot. Like the scene I posted here below:

He traced the delicate scales around Bambi's nostrils, and when I shivered, his gaze lifted, snaring mine. There was so much heat and intensity in those cobald eyes that there was no mistaking how he was looking at me.

Like he had the night he'd seen me in my bra.

One side of his lips tipped up, and my heart jumped in my chest. His gaze returned to where Bambi rested, to where his finger was idly tracing her scales in smooth strokes. "It doesn't feel like I thought it would. The skin is just slightly raised, but it's really like a tattoo."

Mouth dry, I closed my eyes as his finger moved over her head, nearing the tiny lace that decorated the hem of my tank top. I wasn't wearing anything under the tank and he was so, so close.

"Does she like it?" he asked, breath warm in the space between our lips.
I nodded, assuming she did, because she wasn't trying to kill him.

"Do you?"

The question whipped through me with the force of a destructive hurricane. My eyes snapped open and my breath came in short little pants. My eyes snapped open and my breath came in short little pants. He was still so close, his hair tickling my cheeks and his finger trailing farther south, following the curve of Bambi, under the lace of my tank top.

His lashes swept up again and his gaze collided with mine. I had no idea how we'd ended up here. His hand stilled and he waited, and there was no denying the driving force behind the question. If I said no, he would move away. And if I said yes, then... I couldn't even wrap my head around those possibilities.

If I said yes, everything would changechange in ways I couldn't even fathom, ways I never truly believed could happen between us. My heart was beating too fast, and a strange kind of heat pooled deep in my body. 

"Yes." The word came out barely a whisper, but Zayne heard it.
He inhaled sharply as he moved his hand to the thin strap of my tank top. His eyes never left mine. "Can I see the rest of her?"

My heart rate kicked into cardiac territory. Was I dreaming? Did I fall down the stairs and crack my head open? Seemed more likely than this happening. Seeing the rest of Bambi meant seeing the rest of me. Or at least half of the rest of me.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. My gaze focused on the outline of his mouth. Fixating on the way his lips parted, and I couldn't help but wonder how they felthow they tasted.
Only in the distant part of my mind did I realize that I wanted to taste him and not his soul.
Bambi flicked her tail along my waist, as if she was impatient with all of this and wanted to be shown off. Unable to find the courage to speak, I nodded again.

Zayne's feverish gaze lowered as he slipped the strap down. The top was so loose and thin that it took the littlest effort to move. Within seconds, the straps ended up on my own wrists, the material pooling where my hands were clasped together on my stomach.

I felt his stare as he drank in the detail of Bambi and everything else-every part of me that was exposed. It was like a caress as his gaze tracked over the long, elegant stretch of her neck between my breasts, to the way she coiled just below my ribcage.

"Layla," he rasped, and the sound curled my toes.

I stopped breathing as his hand followed Bambi's path, and the yearning and hunger I was feeling rose until every part of my body felt like a live wire. Everything outside this room ceased to exist-every problem, concern, or issue. It was all gone as his hand moved again and my back arched off the bed. A breathy sound escaped me, mingling with Zayne's ragged breath.

His touch was light, reverent as he explored the layout of my body. He did so with such delicacy it was like it was his first time, though I knewat least I thoughtthat that couldn't be the case. With his looks and his personality, there had to be times when he was huntingthere had to be girls.

But it didn't matter as he shifted down, his head lowering close to where Bambi's head rested. There was a good chance this could go horribly wrong, but my hands fisted together and I bit down on my lip so hard a metallic taste filled my mouth at the first whispered touched of his lips against—"

Stone Cold Touch is to be released on October 2014, so pre-order now cause it's a really good one Emoji


  1. Great excerpt! Looks like a super read.

  2. Can't wait! Thanks for the excerpt... but now I want more!!!

  3. YOU TEASE! omg this is not fair! argh. *chants to self* 10 days. 10 days.

  4. OMG that teaser!!!!!! *fans face* I might just become team Zayne with moments like that arghhhh!!!


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