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Thursday, 5 June 2014

So I Started Reading PUSH (The Game #2) by Eve Silver...

Push (The Game, #2)
TBR: June 10th, 2014.
"You were never just a normal girl. I hear his voice in my head, but it's just a memory.
Jackson's gone. Forever.
I thought I could save him like he saved me.
I failed.
I can't bear it. I can't mourn again, can't do it, not right now. Not anytime soon.
The guy in the back is singing off-key while he makes the pie. The woman behind the counter plants her fists on her hips. Her expression's pretty clear. She'd like us to find the exit, like... now. Thanks for the concern, lady.
The few steps it'll take me to get to the door stretch like an abyss before me. I'm not sure that my legs won't buckle before I hit the sidewalk.
Carly shifts my arm from her waist and drapes it across her shoulders. Like she's afraid I'll crumble. I won't I refuse. I won't let this break me."
Miki is a girl with nerves of STEEL. She is my kind of girl! I loved RUSH because it was addictive, all encompassing, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on PUSH because I was sure it was going to be just as good. It starts off exactly where RUSH left off, with Miki, Luka, and Carly in the pizza parlor after Luka and Miki have gone through the battle of their lives and are back in the normal world. Miki has lost Jackson, but as you can see with the little sneak peek paragraph she is not going to let that break her. I am enjoying it so much! I love the whole world and how full of mystery it is, I love the author's writing, and I love Miki.

Can't wait to read more!

PS; Crossing fingers we will see Jackson again!

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