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Friday 13 June 2014

The Delirium TV Show is BACK IN ACTION: To Be Released June 20th (2014) @Hulu.com

So I thought the Delirium TV SHOW was a thing of the past (source) because FOX (dummies... maybe) passed it up. But our prayers have been answered because HULU has picked up the pilot!

I am not going to lie, it looks pretty good. After the huge disappointment Requiem was (maybe some of the reason FOX rejected the pilot? Perhaps?) this pilot gives me joy. Maybe it will take the series farther than Lauren Oliver did, maybe it will finally give us some answers as to what happened after Requiem. But let us not get TOO crazy, I mean the first season still has to succeed (*crossing my fingers here*). So people, let's all get together in a big pajama party and watch the premier of the show on June 20th together!

I don't know exactly if you will have to get Hulu Plus to be able to view the pilot... but probably. I would make the pilot available to everyone and THEN after the second episode make it available only to Hulu Plus members. You know, reel the crowd in before making them pay. But that's just me.

PS; Don't you guys think Alex looks hot? ;) and I love Emma Roberts for the part of Lena. Yes, I am excited for this!

Delirium (via Hulu) official webpage.


  1. Woah. I would definitely watch this O_O

  2. Hope your right about the HuluPlus thing. I have Netflix and wouldn't want to commit to Hulu as well unless I knew Delirium was worth it :)

  3. From what I have seen of the 6 minute video of clips they released, I do not want to see it. I mean, Julian doesn't even show up until the second book and in a totally different city. There's also the part where Hana looks totally wrong, and was okay with Lena falling in love.


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