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Monday 31 December 2012

Bloody Bookaholic's Top/Worst YA Books Reads of 2012 + 2013.

Well, it seems the year ends today. I have been in such a vacation rush that I don't even notice what day it is anymore, and yesterday was my brother's birthday (oops!).

I decided to make it a two in one kind of deal then. Here I am going to post which were the very best books of 2012, la creme de la creme, but I am also going to post the ones that I couldn't stomach. Enjoy, and if you have a list as well by all means post it here! I love looking at these and how we may differ or have similar taste.

TOP Reads of 2012:


These three books, Pandemonium, Insurgent, and Days of Blood & Starlight, must be the best sophomore books written in the history of YA. All three kept me at the edge of my seat, there was absolutely no boring lull, and they set up the third book of the series to be absolutely epic. Thank you zombie Jesus for these great books and the authors behind the words!


 Sweet Evil was unexpectedly good. Gave a whole new spin to the war between good and evil, angels and demons. And dare I say it was a much needed spin. Before I Wake was absolutely amazing, but then again anything that Rachel Vincent does is amazing so no surprise there. I can't wait for the next book in the Soul Screamers series, out this upcoming year. Pushing the Limits was also unexpectedly good! A contemporary YA read, which is not usually my cup of tea but this book, thanks to Katie McGarry, made it work and got me interested in the contemporary genre as a whole.

 Everneath (Everneath, #1) 

Vessel... so enchanting. Though the ending left me wanting more, it felt like it was missing something, it still is one of the best reads of this year. It was beautifully crafted, the world is fascinating and the characters are so alive. Would totally read a sequel, but Vessel, sadly, is a stand alone. Ever since I saw this cover long ago, and read the summary I was eagerly awaiting for the book and was so glad I wasn't disappointed. On the other hand Everneath was an impulse buy. I saw the cover, read a chapter or two while buying groceries at Wal Mart and I was hooked so I got it. So worth my money! Everneath's dark world has a lot yet to offer.

And of course, The Immortal Rules. For this one I was frankly not surprised at all that it was a smash hit. Ever since The Iron King Julie Kagawa has my full support for absolutely anything she writes. She is a story teller, creates beautifully complex worlds and even more interesting characters. It's a 10.

And finally...

Insignia (Insignia, #1)

Insignia rocked my world. If I had to pick an absolute 2012 favorite it would be Insignia, hands down. I loved all the books I have listed here, I really have, but Insignia was extraordinary. It's so fresh and exciting and involving and and and... LOVED IT! It was just everything I needed. I honest to god couldn't put the book down not even for a second.

Wasn't For Me Reads of 2012:

/A Fractured Light (A Beautiful Dark, #2)

The Secret Year Juliet Immortal (Juliet Immortal, #1) Harbinger

The Hunger Pains: A Parody

Harbinger was a mess. The Secret Year was unexciting. Juliet Immortal I really wanted to like (I mean have you looked at that cover?) but sadly was sorely disappointed. A Beautiful Dark/A Fractured Light was a lot more of the same YA supernatural formula we see these days so it was boring to me. And The Hunger Pains was quite simply put a pain to get through.

TOP Upcoming Reads of 2013:


 Guys, I've read these ones and all I have to say, for now, is to ADD THEM TO YOUR WISHLISTS. Altered is a refreshing YA title that is incredibly action packed. Prodigy, sequel to Legend by Marie Lu, is also a great sophomore read that will not let you down one bit. In this title our heroes are tested in every single possible way that counts, both inside and outside of their relationship. It leaves the prospect for the future of the series in an interesting spot. Let the Sky Fall quite honestly blew me away. If I were to put my finger in the one thing that 2013 books will need to make it that thing would be originality, and various authors are already starting to think well outside the ordinary YA formula and coming up with great reads.

That is my best and worst, so which are yours?


  1. My favourite book is The Farm by Emily McKay. And the worst book I read this year is The Frenzy by Francesca Lia Block.

  2. Omg I TOTALLY agree with you about A Beautiful Dark!!!!! It was soo totally not for me - I bought it for the cover and it was a complete waste of money. I really want to read some of your favorite book - I've only read Everneath :/
    One of my favorite books of 2012 was Grave Mercy, by Robin LaFevers. Have you heard of/read that one?? :)

    ~Emily@Emily's Crammed Bookshelf

  3. The Immortal Rules was on my list, too! I've seen it on a lot of best of 2012 lists!

    New follower, and here's my list:


  4. Good list! I hope to read some of. These in2013.


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