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Sunday 16 December 2012

When Re-Vamping a Cover isn't Always the Smart Choice: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa (The Eternity Cure, book #2, also has a cover!)

Isn't it freaking annoying how you can get into the first version of a cover only to have the original design completely change for the second and third book. It's happened before with books like Delirium by Lauren Oliver and Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan for example. In the Delirium series the change was welcoming the second not so much. Same this time around. Behold the new cover for The Immortal Rules:

I can summarise my feelings for the second cover in two words: unimpressed/disappointed. It actually looks like a poster for a movie. Maybe that's what they were going for? The first cover is so special and descriptive of the story. The tear of blood, the paleness of the model, the fierce look in her eyes, the font, the colors... everything works together to bring you together a freaking great cover. And then we get a circle of yellow chalk with the title on top. Unimpressed, disappointed.

And now behold the cover for The Eternity Cure!

It just makes you wonder if they just gave up trying to come up with a logical continuation. Don't get me wrong it looks cool. I like the color blue, and the symmetry of the tree branches. That's about it. Hopefully there is an alternative in the works that looks similar to the first cover.

Here is what Julie Kagawa has to say about the second book, The Eternity Cure:
"In The Eternity Cure, new vampire Allison Sekemoto has come to terms with what she is and what she must do to survive: prey on humans. She knows she is a vampire, but she is determined not to become a monster. But then she meets someone who challenges that belief, telling her all vampires are killers, encouraging her to embrace her savage instincts. And as she gets closer to rescuing Kanin, the lines between human and monster blur even further, and Allison must decide to either cling to her rapidly fading humanity, or succumb to the darkness within.”
Sounds like it's going to be great!! I cannot wait for The Eternity Cure, sure as all hell that Julie Kagawa is only going to dazzle us once more.

Still, I don't like the new covers, eeks.


  1. This seems to be happening more and more lately. I like the new Shatter Me cover, but it is still annoying when they don't match. Oh and the Across the Universe books! The originals were so nice and they changed it to be very basic. I don't know. All the changes are extremely disappointing. I liked The Immortal Rules cover before. My only thinking is maybe because the main character is supposed to be Asian, right? (I still need to read it, though I have a copy) Maybe that became an issue. Great post!

  2. The original cover is way better! The first one I can even accept, but The Eternity Cure one? it has nothing to with the story and the first! It looks all peaceful and blue, would be more suited for a story of a family on vacation making a picnic! seriously why do publishers do that?

  3. I totally agree with the Skychasers series by Amy Kathleen Ryan the second book cover was not the same pattern as the first.

    This new change ks bad because it's just so simple and doesn't wow you.

    Still will read since love reading Julie Kagawa's books.

  4. I am not liking all of these do overs. Especially for this series! It was perfect. Now its blah blah. Well, its not bad, it looks nice, but its not representative of the story and book I came to love.
    I agree with Sara:Shatter Me and Across the Universe were fine before..

  5. This seems to be happening more and more often now. I really like the original covers a lot more.

  6. I'm not thrilled with the change in covers either-I actually liked the first one a lot! I am just glad I waited to buy. In the future, I am waiting until all three books are released before buying because I hate so much when they don't match!

  7. The changed the original cover because it depicts a white girl when the main character is Asian, I believe. However, the new cover looks more like a movie poster, and it still seems like they're not showing the Asian protagonist. :/

  8. Seriously.


    I absolutely HATE when a series cover is revamped. Like, I want to start a petition for publishers NOT to do it.

    I'm somewhat OCD and it drives me up a freaking wall when my covers don't match. Now here's another series that won't match. What am I going to do? Give up my *signed* copy of The Immortal Rules to replace it so the covers all match?

    Grrr... I think I may do a blog post about this topic.


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