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Sunday 23 December 2012

Movie Alert/News: The Official Vampire Academy Movie: It's totally happening!

So we've been hearing for a while (since 2010 to be exact) that the Vampire Academy movie is happening. We all got excited, made kick ass cast choices and sat down to wait for this hopefully fantastic movie to be made. Well, 2 years went by and still nothing. No casting, no screen play, nada.

The Vampire Academy movie idea faded to the back of our heads, being no more than a distant dream. Until now. Because it seems that some people finally got off their asses and started writing a screen play. Not only that, but they finished it.
Producer Don Murphy (Splice, Transformers) delivered a one-two punch revealing Dan Waters has completed a script.  Waters, if you recall, gave us Heathers.  "Dan has written a brilliant screenplay for Vampire Academy. Smart and funny, clever and really a great read - it is going to make a terrific film," says Murphy.
A few days later, news of a director broke...
 Apparently, Mark Waters - Dan's brother, also the director of Mean Girls - will take the helm and casting is about to start very soon.
And I'm about to faint from EXCITEMENT. Sure, the movie won't ever be as good as what we've all imagined in our heads. Dimitri may not be played by Ben Barnes (fucking sucks), and Rose will surely, sadly, not by played by fantastic Sophia Bush (which we all know she is ROSE, and PERFECT, even though she ain't as young as Rose is supposed to be -17).... Ah, who am I kidding, this movie is going to suck. It's doomed for me. You guys go on enjoying it without me!
I will still deliver on all the news and casting choices, even though they will never be the ones I had in mind *sad beyond belief*.
You may be interested in seeing my full dream Vampire Academy Cast. Read and comment with what your choices would be!


  1. This is exciting! I've only read the first book but I love watching books come to life :)

  2. I'm super excited that it's been made into a movie but I think I might be a little disappointed in who they choose for the characters.


  3. I can't wait! I'm so happy they are starting to go ahead with it!

  4. Yay! Finally! Been waiting too darn long for this movie to be made. Can't wait!

  5. when is it supposed to be coming out, i haven't found any info saying it's being made :(

  6. I think Christian Ozera's role should be played by Chace Crawford because his appearance is a similar description to Christian's. :)

  7. I want Nicholas Hoult or Tom Sturridge for Christian. Chace Crawford has been marked in my eyes as the too pretty guy from Gossip Girl.


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