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Wednesday 12 December 2012


So I get in my email and this is the first thing I see:

Click on the image OR HERE to register.

People say the most magical time of the year is Christmas, I say it's BEA (otherwise known as Book Expo America). The books, the publishers, the bloggers, the librarians, New York city, the friends you make, the books...

Seems Christmas came early this year guys! You can register for BEA right now for the small amount of $104 (the early bird as they like to call it). After sometime in May (or was it March? Some month with an M) this price will go up. On one hand I am a little relieved they are actually charging bloggers, because we get a lot of books and contacts from BEA so it seems only fair. On the other hand I am a poor college student who is keeping this blog up all on my lonesome... and money doesn't just drop on my lap (plus I get no money out of writing here, I just do it for fun!).

Anyways, I am already register. For blogger:

Register as Non-Editorial Media this year. After you click that option click on Book Bloggers and it will give you prices. As I said before the Early Bird is $104. No more, no less (unless you are thinking of getting the Reader's Pass or something like that but why would you? Doing the lines is half the fun!).

HOLD your horses! But, what if I want to go to the Book Bloggers Conference this year as well? Don't buying a ticket for that cover my BEA fee entry? Answer? NOT ANYMORE. You have to buy your BBC pass separately. This can only mean bad things for the event itself... All I know is that I will not be attending, instead using that day to roam around NY endlessly and do some shopping with my girlfriends.

Here's the dirt on BBC:
The registration fee is $30.00 US and you will be redirected to Paypal to complete the registration. No registration is complete without fee payment. The registration fee includes the full-day symposium, early morning refreshments, lunch, and possibly some mayhem.

This conference is for book bloggers and online reviewers. You do not have to have your own website or blog. GoodReads reviewers, for example, are welcome. Space is limited to 30 participants and registration is first-come, first-served.

So if you want to attend you better hurry and fork up the 30 bucks. I wish you best of luck.

If  you are going to be around you guys can leave me a comment and maybe we could meet? Super excited about this guys! Now on to buy the plain ticket and reserve a hotel room...


  1. You need to fix the image link and the regular link that goes to BEA registration. Click on them to find out why! I also tweeted you.

  2. Im going! I cant wait! Its ONLY 30$ for BBC this year? WOW. Thats kinda good. BUT you have to buy ticket to enter BEA separate.
    I went one day only last year. I had so much fun. Was exhausted at end of day, but it was absolutely worth it.
    I bought this delish bagel pizza in GCS at some bakery downstairs (and cheesecake and tiramisu...)
    Well, I also had a glass or two of wine from the bar car.
    I fell asleep on the hour train ride home and was woken up because I guess I fell asleep leaning against the window with the bagel pizza in my hand! PIZZA EVERYWHERE! lolz!
    Cant wait to see what shenanigans I get into this year!

  3. Great post!!! As you know, I'll definitely be there! Hopeful we can meet up. :)

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