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Saturday 5 January 2013

I Should Have Read That... 2013 Edition {Self Challenge}; and my inability to read everything I want.

So last year I read a heck of a lot of books, most good, some bad, some really bad, and some were absolutely divine. But, there were those books that fell through the bookshelf cracks, books I really wanted to read but just couldn't find the time for. These are some those books:










And these are just SOME of the titles! I have many, many more! So I am challenging myself to read at least 20 of these 2012 titles before the year is up. Sounds easy, no? Well with college and work constantly reminding me I have responsibilities it will be a bit of a hassle, but I am sure I can do it! What about you? Which books fell through the cracks?

Here I've provided a way for you guys to join me in this self challenge if you want. Should be lots of fun! Make the best speed reader win ^.^


  1. Haha-I'm kind of doing this too! The Diviners is the main one that pops off your list but I have another 20+ from 2012 I'm hoping to read this year...while also not neglecting all the great 2013 releases!

  2. Same here! Glad I'm not the only who missed out on some of those great books that EVERYONE was talking about that year. I'm incorporating them into my new Genreflecting feature as well as just throwing them in for funsies. Good luck!

  3. All of those covers... oh my. They're beautiful. I want to read ALL of them haha.

  4. Shadow and Bone! YES!
    Poison Princess....no!

    Great list.


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