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Thursday 24 January 2013

From Book to T.V.: Bloody Hell! Delirium, by Lauren Oliver, is to become a TV Show!

Delirium (Delirium, #1) Pandemonium (Delirium, #2) Requiem (Delirium, #3)

As many of you know the Delirium series' movie rights were bought by Fox 2000 a few years ago, 2011, and absolutely nothing has happened since. It seems as if all the big movie houses were jumping the gun and buying rights to all the major Young Adult books (Divergent, The Hunger Games, Warm Bodies, among many others). Which is cool in one hand (woohoo we get to see our favorite books on film!) and so bad on the other (we get to see our favorite books on film). Most of the YA novels though are being turned into movies, and so I expected a similar fate for Delirium.

Well guys, Delirium is being turned into a TV Series!
"As announced by TV Line on Tuesday, Prison Break's Karyn Usher scripted and will produce the Fox-ordered drama show."
This is both exciting and frightening.

Lauren Oliver is excited and over the moon over the news, she thinks a TV Show is actually the perfect medium for her series as it will allowsfor the many subplots of the novel to shine.
The deal is that Fox, which initially optioned the books for film, decided that due to the complexity of all the side plots and characters, the Delirium series might be better suited for TV, as we’d have a chance to explore all of those elements. I am super psyched because that has always been my preference (for those of you that have read some of my interviews, you know that I LOVE anything that can be done while in pajamas, such as writing and watching television!) We’ve been assembling all the moving parts to make that happen over the past few months.

Am I excited right along with Lauren? Maybe... Yes, I am. Or at least I am trying to be. I always saw Delirium as a movie deal because the plot seems really straight forward. Unlike True Blood (The Sookie Stackhouse series) where in each book a different story is portrayed and it has a lot of room to grow. Delirium to me seems more movie material because of the fact that all three books have one main story plot, even if sub plots are present because of the many novellas that have come out (AnnabelHana, Raven).
I know that some of you are concerned that a TV show will be “untrue” to the books, due to the need to add content in order to flesh out the story to a full season. Never fear! Look, the books will always be the books. No adaptation, either for film or TV, will or can completely replicate and remain faithful to them—it’s a totally different art form! I like to think of this as a new riff, a new interpretation of the story I’ve written. TV, more so than novel writing, is a collaborative art form (although there is plenty of collaboration between me and my editor!).

Well, how can it not be? Characters and different plots are bound to be added. Things are bound to be changed to expand the audience market, not to mention in order to make the books last for at least 12 hours a book. On the other hand we could get to see some interesting, different, points of view when it comes to the war...We will see. I mean, they manage to make Vampire Diaries work, but then again the books were never as good as the Delirium books are.

I am on the fence. But I am still super happy for Lauren Oliver, and am hoping for the best.


  1. Hmm. Looks like I need to read the books sooner rather than later.

  2. Yay!!! This will be such a good television series.

  3. I am definately interested in what they will do with this. I admit I am very weary, because this trilogy has become one of my all time favourites so if they mess it up, it will be very personal. And I know that when things become about money, they will worry more about "target audiences" than sticking to the story. But lets hope for the best

  4. I LITERAL JUST PUT BOOK 3 DOWN! To read this makes me excited and sad at the same time because you make a great point. Books to Movies don't change much. Books to Tv change entirely. I felt at time to much was going on with the ppl and adding more and more at each twist & turn. So if Tv changes and adds to it I may not have the same love for the story. All Readers Fears.


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