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Friday, 20 April 2012

The Vampire Diaries, Damon and Elena...


If you haven't been paying attention lately to Vampire Diaries season 3 I am here to warn you that this post contains some MAJOR SEXY SPOILERS! You've been warned...

HOLY SHIT! Finally! I have been waiting for this whole thing to go down for sooo long. In reality, Stefan and Elena? Too expected and just not fun. Damon and Elena? HOT HOT HOT! As Damon's vampire friend says in the show Damon challenges Elena, he surprises her, he makes her question her life and her believes. Al in all he makes the show something worth watching every single week. If I only had Stefan to fall back to I mean, I couldn't do it, he is so soul full and "oh I am a creature of darkness! T_T" and Damon is like "Hell yeah I'm a creature of darkness, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep you safe, even if I have to break a few necks in the process."

And then the sexy began...


They are dating in real life... Of course they are, sexy + sexy= something mind blowing.

Anyways, fans of Vampire Diaries everywhere, are you team Damon? Or are you still holding hope with Team Stefan? Who here is just Team Elena? I am team Damon, and damn proud of it.

I wonder how Stefan is going to take this in the next episode... I hope Elena doesn't become an overnight wimp and then be all like "oh it should have never happened!!! I am so ashamed blah blah blah" I bet she is going to be like that. Damn.


  1. I just watched that episode this morning! I have a sad feeling she's going to get all "oh, that was wrong! Let's pretend it never happened!" on us in the next episode. Not cool. I'm liking the whole Damon FINALLY getting the girl, because, let's face it, his character has so much more than Stephan's at this point. Go Team Damon!

  2. I know right! I am so for Damon getting the girl, finally, even if its Elena, I just want him to be happy for once!

  3. I was so happy that it finally happened for real lol. I feel like I have been waiting forever for them to have a real kiss like that LOL I was so excited I called my bf over and made him watch because I was so excited about it lol

  4. They probably will have to have her backtrack so they can drag things out again...or maybe they'll go a less predictably route...maybe.

  5. I haven't watched this show in a long time but I read the book and loved it when Damon and Elena were together in the books and was upset when Stefan came back into the picture. I like Stefan but I LOVE Damon.

    P.S. They much such a cute couple in real life!!

    P.S.S. OMG this is hot!!!!

  6. OMG I have been Team Damon since like half way through season 1 and finally my dreams have come true :) This was the episode I've been waiting for!! It was so good and I hope she doesn't change her mind in the next episode or I will be so mad. Great post :)

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  7. I love Dame so I am so happy with this episode!

    I hate when Elena only knows cry and to be sad because she doesn't know who are the best boy to her...

    I think the answer is clear...Damon!!!sexy...sexy...sexy.. and with a delicious humour!


  8. I'm all team Damon, although Stephan has gotten better this season I think.

    I get a little annoyed with Elena sometimes, she likes to pretend she's so "good" but come on already, just give in! Sure you can forgive Stephan for having a freakin MURDER WALL, but you can't give Damon the time of day because he's "bad"? Come on!

  9. My reaction to that scene was: OH SH**! It was so good, I went and watched it again :D I love when they were at Mary's house and Damon said he won't help Elena make the decision anymore and then Rose explained to Jeremy why Damon is good for her... That was the highlight of the episode for me...

  10. I'm Team Damon, that doesn't necessarily mean i want him with Elena. Yes, i love them together, i LOVED their scenes in this episode, but she needs to make up her mind already, otherwise Stefan and Damon will keep fighting each other and that's a big NO.

  11. @Kristin been waiting 3 seasons lol

    @Jennifer I am voting for the less predictable route.

    @Patricia I haven't read the book since the original "ending". I figured why continue a series that was never that good to begin with? But if she ends up with Damon on the series... I might have to begin those books again.

    @Rebs Elena annoys the fuck out of me. The only reason she hasn't gone with Damon is because she is so freaking worried about what others, and Stefan, will think. But seriously? That girl needs some Damon in her life. We all need some Damon in ours lives.

    @Arianne I am so glad he isn't going to help her make the decision, I was like hell yes now you will have to FINALLY decide for reals.

    @Ella exactly. I am not a fan of Elena, I am just a hard core fan of Damon.

  12. I am Team Damon to the core.
    If Im being honest, I practically watch the damn show because of that character.
    No Damon = No VD . Period. The End.
    And I sooo badly want him to get any girl, every girl that he wants ,even if its Ms. Im-so-good-and-better--in-general-than-you even though I find Katherine faaar more..intriguing though Rose was perfect for him,according to me
    Loved her, hated that she died.
    Ah well the heart wants what the heart wants and all that. He deserves what he wants

  13. I am SO Team Damon and Team Mr. Smolder (Ian). I didn't know they were dating in real life. That is a Team I will not be joining since Ian should be single until he meets me. ;)


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