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Friday, 13 April 2012

Movie News!! The Host, and Beautiful Creatures.

So number 1, The Host has a poster! I am trying to muster up some sort of excitement, but really I have no idea how they are going to pull this movie off without constant double sort of chatter going on. Have you guys read the book? I suppose I should re-read it again, read it a loong time ago, but I know that it is going to be hard to constantly show how Melanie's thoughts inside Wanderer and stuff. I really liked this novel, I thought it was pretty great, maybe even more than Twilight (I am a Twilight fan, just not a Twihard. Whatever that means). Anyways, awesome poster!

So they did the switcharoo with the Beautiful Creatures male protagonist! It seems like Jack O'Connell had scheduling conflicts that are keeping him from doing this role (big mistake buddy; don't you know where the money is these days?) so the person with the hardest to say and write last name on Earth is playing the role, Alden Ehrenreich. It seems he was on some Supernatural and some CSI episodes, but other than that he is a total mystery. There are 3 things that I am absolutely certain about:
  1. He doesn't seem right for the role. He seems old, experienced, and I don't think he will be able to capture the strong yet gentle soul that is Ethan Wate.
  2. Why, oh why did Jack had to go? He seemed a little closer to what I pictured, sure not perfect but at least he was a youngster.
  3. This movie makes me nervous.
Are you excited about Alden taking over Jack's role? Is he your Ethan? I know who my Ethan is...

Gosh, that guy could make any girl have dirty thoughts. Robbie, you're my Ethan!!


  1. I'm with you on The Host thing...I'm curious to know how they'll do the duel voices.

  2. My Ethan Wate is Logan Lerman.

  3. I love The Host so when I first heard about it becoming a movie I was super psyched. Until I just read your post and remembered the format of the book...now I'm wondering same as you, how the heck they'll pull that off. Ought to be interesting. Hopefully they keep to the book!

  4. I'm so nervous about The Host movie. I hope they get it right, and that might be really difficult with all that mental dialogue throughout the book.
    I like that the poster is like the original book cover, but I really liked the cover more:)


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