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Thursday, 26 April 2012

More Hot Covers! The Iron Legends by Julie Kagawa

Are you ready?!

Expected publication: August 28th 2012
by Harlequin
"And, I'm also revealing the cover for the new anthology THE IRON LEGENDS, which will have the e-novellas Winter's Passage and Summer's Crossing, as well as a brand new novella called Iron's Prophecy.  It also has an expanded guide to the Nevernever and a chapter of THE LOST PRINCE."

As always I like the title, I like the details of the cover... I just don't like the models. That is not my Ash, or Puck, or Meghan really. I don't know, it's a weird photo. I think the one that looks the best and in character is Puck. He looks very Fae. Overall not my favorite cover, my least favorite I would have to say, but again it isn't horrible.

What do you think?

Also, for those who might have missed it, the cover for Ethan's story, The Iron Prince, cover was revealed recently, and here it is:

Ethan is certainly not a little boy anymore...

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