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Friday 13 January 2012

What is YOUR opinion? On...

The Soul Screamers series.

My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers, #1)

I kind of started reading it today because I finished Fracture by Megan Miranda (waiting for January 30th for the review, part of the tour and I will also be giving the book away -you want the book BELIEVE ME, SO GOOD). I think I have the entire series and I have been shying away from reading for a long time because:

1. A girl that screams when she is close to death? Whats the lure in that? What is so awesome about screaming your head off when you are near death? Lacks the allure for me.

2. It is a very popular series. That means I am afraid of being all dissapointed by it. What if it isn't as good as everybody makes it to be?

3. Again, the premise, seriously? What exactly is supposed to make me excited about a GIRL SCREAMING!?

Anyways, those are my points. The first book has a beautiful reddish cover (my favorite color) so the cover isn't the problem. I just want to know what you guys, the people who have read it, what do you like about the series? Is it good? And to the people who want to read it, why do you want to read it? What is so awesome about The Soul Screamers series?

If you have any reviews on My Soul to Take feel free to shamelessly post your reviews on comments. I think reviews would be very good indeed.

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  1. Well, I found it interesting because the main character is a beansidhe/banshee which I don't think is a spoiler because many people told me this before I read the book and I think beansidhe's are cool xD. And I have never read a book about these creatures before and only knew that you hear their screams or see them when someone close to you is going to die so they are a sort of omen of death. Of course things in the book or a bit different and more detailed since I am no expert on beansidhes. I really enjoyed the book and found many parts of it refreshing while other parts were aspects I had come across in other YA paranormals such as the cute guy who isn't exactly normal. The popularity is actually what made me put off picking up this series for so long, I only read the first book last year but since you're already sceptical I don't think you'll be disappointed since you're already expecting the worst xD. Oh also if this helps Rachel Vincent is an excellent author and judging from the other books of hers I've read I think she is quite imaginative and writes realistic characters.

  2. Oh I've reached till the 3rd book and THE first one and the third book ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!
    I started it for Tod and so far I'm in love with him :)

    Second book is not that great(I reviewed that too!)

    Here's my review of the first one:


    (YOU asked for it!)

  3. I just read the 1st 2 books but there was such a hype about it being all mind blowing n all,my expectations i guess had reached a new high for the series.It didnt really live up to 'that' sort of expectations but it was pretty good.
    The protagonist was also not someone i could really feel that much connection with unlike some novels where the characters are so interesting,they are more than enough to hook you...the story is just the cherry on top .
    The story of soul screamers is pretty sweet since i havent been able to find many books on Banshees or 'bean sidhes'

  4. Haha. A book about a girl who screams. Think I'll skip this series.

  5. Actually, this series is pretty damn amazing and I *highly* recommend it :)

    To address your concerns ;)

    1) I know a girl who screams doesn't seem appealing but she's actually a bean sidhe aka: a banshee. A banshee is a creature from Irish mythology and she screams to herald the soul from the body as the person dies.

    2) I sometimes get worried about uber-popular books too but I usually read them b/c I want to read for myself what the hoopla is all about. These books definitely live up to the hype :)

    3) As a banshee, Kaylee begins to get the urge to scream when someone is going to die (whether suddenly or not). The thing is that her scream does not tell her WHO is going to die or how. Plus her scream isn't like a horror movie...it's a more of a wailing!

    I will tell you that books 1 and 2 while good, it's not until book 3 that you *really* start to become emotionally invested in the books. Rachel Vincent is one of those authors that I really want to just put my heart on a plate and be like, "here, take it!"

    Here's my review of book 3 if you interested: http://booksoulmates.blogspot.com/2010/06/review-my-soul-to-keep-by-rachel.html

    I really hope you give these books a chance!
    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates
    PS: Sorry for being so long winded.

  6. It has been so long and so many books since I have read My Soul to Take, which I enjoyed, that I am going to link my review instead. =)

    My Soul to Take Review

  7. Me personally, I LOVE this series! I had never read anything by Rachel Vincent, and after I read just the prequel I was hooked!
    It took me forever to read the series because I actually had the same fear of being let down, but that was definitely NOT the case. Even the Soul Screamers Volume One that was just released ended up being one of my 5 star reviews. About the screaming, its not really a regular scream. Its a supernatural like scream and it has a certain purpose. If I say anything else, it would be giving a piece of the story away.
    I feel like you should give it a try... Just to find out some of the questions you have. If you don't like it, you can always give it away :)

  8. I haven't read this series yet but I just got the bind up of the first two novels for Christmas. I guess I wanted to read it because everyone seems to be in love with the series. Plus I have meet Vincent before and really loved her in person and so I hope her books are as great as her personality. I know weird reasons to read a book but there you have it.

    There is also a challenge going on for this one over at Books Over Boys to read the entire series before June or July if you want to sign up to read it with people for support. :)

  9. While it is about a Bean Sidhe or Banshee it is a very good book. Kaylee does not run around screaming her head off all the time. It has a bit of mystery, romance, and supernatural rolled into one. I do not think you have to worry about liking this one.

    If you want my review is here:

  10. I love the Soul Screamers series. I have If I Die which I need to get to SOON! I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it. I haven't read any of the novellas yet either. Boo on me. Here are my reviews if you want to see. I apologize if they're not super awesome. It was my first year blogging when I read most of them.

    My Soul to Take: http://kimscarecrow.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-soul-to-take-by-rachel-vincent.html
    My Soul to Save: http://kimscarecrow.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-soul-to-save-by-rachel-vincent-and.html
    My Soul to Keep: http://kimscarecrow.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-soul-to-keep-by-rachel-vincent.html

    I didn't do a review of My Soul to Steal because my computer was messed up, and I haven't gotten around to re-reading it and putting one up. So far it's my favorite though. That might chance with If I Die of course. If you do decide to check out this series I hope you enjoy it. Especially Tod. ;)

  11. Hi Taschima,
    I'm trying out the series for the first time and actually just downloaded the first book from my library's website. Last weekend, I read book #.5, My Soul to Lose, to see if I would like it. The writing was very good, and the characters interesting. So I'm giving the first book a try.

    The premise DOES sound weird when you think of it as a girl that screams when she is around death... but (and I don't think this is a spoiler... it's mentioned in almost all the reviews I have read) if you think of her as a contemporary banshee/bean sidhe, it seems a bit more appealing. I'm sure all that forklore will be explored in the series.

    I'm hoping to start My Soul to Take tomorrow so maybe I will pop in again and update on how I am feeling about it then.

    P.S: I LOVE the covers too, they are so beautiful!

  12. Well, in my opinion the series isn't super awesome. But I have loved reading them. An above average read but not super stellar. I think Nash is the reason I like these books. But I have heard a leak that has me worried. I haven't read the latest so I am not all the way up to snuff on it. I guess I also liked that this series covers something unique. The whole screaming thing isn't done elsewhere, so far as I know. I like unique. There is this whole emotion shown in the eyes which I think it fun. Also, they are short reads compared to other novels out there.

  13. I read the first two books in the series last year, and they were pretty okay. Entertaining enough for me to want to finish reading them, but not interesting enough for me to buy the next volume of the series.

    One of my friends read my copies and liked it enough to buy the rest of the series, but it was mainly because the third book had a big twist that she had to buy the next books to see how it ended. And now she's kind of mad that there's another book coming out later this year, lol.

  14. I was hesitant with this series at first. But after a few novels, I was hooked. I just recently gave If I Die a 5 out of 5 stars. Can't wait to read more from Rachel!

  15. I think what you need to do is just read the first book with no thoughts but that you want to read it and see if you like it. Because in the end I'm pretty sure you will love it. The series just gets better with each book and its so much more than just a Girl Screaming her head off. I personally love this series its one of my favorites. Hope you like it if you decide to read it! :)

  16. You should totally read the Soul Screamers series! It is awesome! And the whole screaming thing is really much more low key in the book than it seems! Try it out! :D

  17. Well, I don't know what to say, as I haven't read the book. But I've heard some good stuff about it, and if you've got on your bookshelf, why not give it a shot?

  18. I had the same thought as you did, a girl screaming, really? But then, I read the first book and I loved it so much I went and bought every single book in the series!! I am really picky about YA books, although I have read some really good YA lately. If you haven't read Crusade, you should read that to. One of my all time YA favorites, is Evermore, it is just different. I usually read adult, but I loved the Soul Svreamers book ALOT!! Hope that helps.

  19. I'm a HUGE Rachel Vincent fan so when she had a YA series come out I was all over it! I haven't read past the 3rd book. Not because I don't like the series but rather because I value having a Vincent book to turn to. :)

    But on another note Rachel likes to tease and torment her readers. She doesn't know it though.

    I also have an issue with one of the characters, Nash. I'm not a big fan of him. More like I really can't stand him. But Tod on the other hand? I adore him.

    I need to make an effort to read more of this series.

    My Reviews:

    My Soul to Take
    My Soul to Save
    My Soul to Keep

  20. Blah, the links I gave you probably won't work as I copied them from my admin Dashboard so here they are again:

    My Soul to Take
    My Soul to Save
    My Soul to Keep

  21. Wow... I haven't read this book, but after reading all the comments, I really want to pick up the series! Can't wait to hear more =)

  22. I haven't read this series as yet, unfortunately, but due to all the hype surrounding this series I've decided that I have to read it soon. What helped my decision along was the recent YA Crush Tourney in which Tod was pretty close to winning- I'm not sure if he did. Also, I've read a few excerpts and quotes off goodreads and other websites- all of which have whetted my appetite for this series.


  23. I haven't read this yet, but "a girl who screams herself to death" really isn't selling it for me. lol


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