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Sunday 22 January 2012

Smart Pop Books: This Week's Smart Pop Essays

What is Smart Pop? Smart Pop is this totally awesome website where they make, mostly, unathorized books that are full of hilarious essays that have to do with today's pop culture, books, movies, T.V. Shows, etc. They are the ones who made The Girl Who Was on Fire (on The Hunger Games), A New Dawn (on The Twilight series- terrific book), Demigods and Monsters (on Percy Jackson Series), The Psychology of Harry Potter (no further explanation needed I pressume?)... Just to mention a few of my favorites.

From their About Page: Smart Pop is a line of smart, fresh, funny books on the best of pop culture tv, books, and film, with a particular focus on science fiction and fantasy television and literature.

Our writers are New York Times bestselling authors, television writers, psychologists, philosophers . . . anyone with a love of pop culture and something worth sharing about it.

Anyways, I thought that you guys should be aware of the weekly essays they post online. Why? Cause they are freaking great and you should have the chance to try it out for yourself.

These are some of this week's essays:

Flirting with Pride & Prejudice
Jane Austen and the Masturbating Critic

CONSTANCE READER: And let me begin by saying that I do not merely like Jane Austen’s books. No, I love Jane Austen. I know all of her novels, and I reread them regularly. Indeed, reading is one of my chief pastimes. I have many favorite authors, but Jane occupies a special place in my affections.

PROFESSOR ACADEMICUS: I am pleased to hear it, madam. As a salaried university professor of English Literature, I have built my reputation as a scholar of the early years of the nineteenth century, with a number of articles and monographs on Austen’s novels. I share… READ MORE »

Available until next Monday


I belong to a book club. We generally spend fifteen minutes talking about the month’s book and the rest of the two hours talking about our kids and husbands. (Plus we consume large amounts of chocolate. This is why I go.) When we read Uglies, we spent the entire time talking not only about the book, but about the series as well. Like many of the women in the book club, I couldn’t stop at just one book. I had to find out what happened to Tally, David, Shay, and Zane. I also had to see who ended up… READ MORE »

Available until next Wednesday

The Psychology of Joss Whedon

Since the first episode of Buffy, I’ve been a captivated fan, easily losing myself in the alternate universe where every dark remnant of the psyche lives vibrantly in the flesh. Perhaps that’s because as a psychologist and sex therapist, I come from what some might consider an alternative universe, too, where passions are living creatures, both wanted and feared, and the demons of shame, guilt, and regret can keep us chained for a lifetime. In my universe, curses are often self-made, knitted from the wool of our own histories: our families, our lovers, and our beliefs about ourselves. To… READ MORE »

Available until next Friday

I received in the mail the following titles:

Filled with Glee Unraveling the Mysteries of The Big Bang Theory A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls

Grey's Anatomy 101 Seven Seasons of Buffy
(Click on the picture and learn more about the book)

All these are on series I basically LOVE. I can't wait to read them all and tell you guys all about them.

I am in no way affiliated with Smart Pop Books, I just thought you guys might enjoy all this and I get their newsletter so =]

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  1. I loved Mind Rain. Glad that they decided to share one of the essays. A must for fans of the series.

  2. I'm intrigued by the title of the Jane Austen discussion. Lol! Going to check that one out now. Thank you for haring this website with us! I had no idea it existed. It seems pretty cool:)


  3. The essay on Jane Austen sounds funny and I'd like reading the one on the Uglies series, but after I read the book. :)

  4. I'd love to read the one about Joss Whedon. I cannot say I love all of his shows, but I love Firefly and I appreciate his talent. However, I absolutely hate him for always killing the most likeable characters. lol


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