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Thursday 19 January 2012

Book Expo America 2012 Registration as Editorial Media is now OPEN!!

I registered! Can't wait for this year's Book Expo America! Who is registering? Go now!

BEA is basically the most amazing book event of the year. Almost everybody is going to be there, including bloggers. This blogger is going with other blogger friends, who else is? Maybe we can meet.

Remember to enter my Good Bye 2011 contest! The Link is on the top, but you can also just click here and it will take you to the post. I have about 40 books to give away, who wants them?!


  1. I went last year. I'm trying to go again this year, just need to save up the money!

  2. I live in Scotland - where nothing like this would ever happen! :(

    I was so jealous last year and I will probably be just as jealous this year of everyone that gets to go :)

  3. LOVE BEA! I'll definitely be there!

  4. I'm so jealous....completely landlocked...work locked...I have no luck

  5. I'm going! So is Sandy so will get to see you again this year! We're also doing BBC which should be cool.

  6. Aww I wish I could go!! D: I hope you don't mind me asking, but if your under 18 can't you have a family member come along?

  7. BEA sounds so awesome! We never have anything this big down in Australia, I wanna travel to America so badly, just for this! D: Anyway, hope you have fun! :)

  8. Im going this year, hope to see you there!!

  9. Aaah! I so envy all you lucky people that get to go. I wish I could be there some day... Oh well! I hope you have lots of fun, meet many great bloggers and fabulous authors and collect all the goodies (in the form of signed books and swag) as you can! Best of luck!:)



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